Jack Skellington Caramel Apples

Love this Disneyland inspired Jack Skellington Caramel Apple!

Did you see our Family Peter Pan Costumes yesterday?  If not then you need to, so check out THIS post.  We had such a wonderful trip, all made possible by the magical and mystical properties of my dad’s frequent flier miles.  Truth.  😉  ANYWAY, it was a DREAM for my Halloween freak self to be able to not only attend Mickey’s Halloween Party for the first time….but to attend it ON HALLOWEEN!!!  That’s why I went ALL out making family costumes for the first time.  On the night of Halloween we were waiting to watch the parade at Disneyland when I spotted a few kids eating Jack Skellington caramel apples.  I had to have them.  I would not REST until I had one!

As I think we have established pretty thoroughly, I am a Halloween fanatic.  I love it!!  I do tend heavily toward CUTESY Halloween, though.  Not scary or creepy.  About as creepy as I ever get is The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I actually hadn’t seen it until about five years ago, and now I am hooked.  My husband doesn’t care about it, but he humors me and watches it with me while snuggling and eating a treat every Halloween evening now once the kids are in bed.  Plus I watch it with my boy throughout October, although he understandably requests that I fast-forward through Oogey Boogey’s scenes.  Talk about a creeper!!  Blech!

Anyway…..I love The Nightmare Before Christmas.  So imagine my delight upon discovering that in October the classic ride The Haunted Mansion is transformed into a land of Jack Skellington & Co!!  I was ECSTATIC!!!  We may or may not have dragged our three year old into the elevator, completely forgetting that it gets pitch black and then a huge face appears along with booming sounds and laughter.  Yeah……he started screaming for his life and he and his dad had to be helped to escape through a hidden exit.  Oh, but don’t worry, I still rode it with my sleeping infant in my arms.  I had waited for an hour, dang it!  Mother of the year right here!  Whoops!  (I’m happy to report, however, that he did NOT have any nightmares.  Phew!)

Peter Pan Costumes WM-4

On that delightful, magical, exhausting, and frustrating Halloween night (see yesterday’s post) I did in fact get one of the Jack Skellington caramel apples.  In fact, I ate the whole thing and forgot to save my husband some while he was taking our son to the bathroom.  Whoops!  Sorry, honey!  This year my son and I are both quite downhearted about the fact that we can’t go back to Disneyland for Halloween again, so we cheered ourselves up by making our OWN Jack Skellington caramel apples this week.  Before I share our super simple recipe with you I want to share a few more pics of Disneyland all pumpkin-ed out.  Sigh.  I miss it!!

Peter Pan Costumes WM-2 Peter Pan Costumes WM-3 Peter Pan Costumes WM-1 Peter Pan Costumes WM-9

Isn’t it majestic?!  I think so!  {Want to go yourself?  See the info at the bottom of this post!}  Now here is the recipe.  You can also check out last year’s post on Caramel Apples.  Some people make homemade caramel.  I do not.  I buy the packages of caramel bits that are already unwrapped and ready for melting, and I think them with half and half or cream, although the package says to use water.  I can’t help myself.

Jack Skellington Caramel Apples

Jack Skellington Caramel Apples


  • (popsicle sticks)
  • large apples
  • caramel
  • white chocolate, thinned or vanilla candy coating/bark
  • chocolate, thinned or chocolate candy coating/bark


  1. Stick the popsicle sticks into the top of your washed apples.
  2. Make caramel or melt pre-made caramels and thin the caramel with a bit of water or cream.
  3. Dip the apples into the caramel, allow the excess to drip off, and place on wax paper to harden.
  4. Once the caramel has hardened, melt the white chocolate or candy coating/bark. The candy coating/bark is made to be thin, but if you choose to use real chocolate you will want to thin it out. I use Crisco melted with it until I like the consistency.
  5. Dip the caramel apples into the white chocolate or candy coating/bark. Allow the excess to drip off and place on wax paper to harden.
  6. Add a second layer of white chocolate or candy coating/bark if the color is not bright white enough.
  7. Once your white layer has hardened you are ready to paint the face onto your pumpkin. I melted a bit of chocolate (and Crisco to thin it out) in a mug and then poured it into a small ziploc baggie. I snipped a TINY hole in one corner of the baggie and used it to gently squeeze out the chocolate as I drew the face onto the apple, like you would with a frosting bag for cake decorating.
  8. Allow the face to harden and enjoy!

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Peter Pan Family Costumes

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Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah Westover McKenna


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    I LOVE these. The Nightmare Before Christmas has been my 3 year old’s obsession since her Halloween–we watch it year round, she insists that people call her Jack Skellington. I can’t wait to make these for her! Thanks!

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      LOL!!! I love it!!! Be sure to check out the shirts I did as well! They aren’t an EXACT match, but they are close enough, and there is a link in that post to glow in the dark Nightmare Before Christmas shoes that I did as a contributor for another site. Jack Skellington lovers unite! :)


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