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Welcome to the first ever post in the FAMILY ADVENTURE SERIES!!!  I have been mulling this series over in my mind for quite some time, and I decided to finally put it into action and see how my readers respond.  You see, I am a crafty mama these days, but I used to be an elementary school teacher.  I have done some kid crafts and learning activities on this blog, but only a few.  I want to work on doing more of that, and this idea combines my love of crafts and my love of all things kiddie.  Here’s the vision (it may be modified or tweaked over time, of course): the third week of each month I will have a themed week of posts.  Each post will be different, but they will tie together in fun things for the whole family: kid crafts, recipes, printables, activities, tutorials, recipes, roundups, etc.  Some ideas (like the one being shared today) may be a more traditional adult craft like I usually share, but most of the posts will be kid and family geared.  Stay tuned this week for a preschool learning activity, a printable, a recipe, and a roundup of other amazing ideas from around the web……all themed around DR. SEUSS!  I figured Dr Seuss would be a perfect first themed week since I have been on such a Seuss kick anyway thanks to my son’s crazy Dr. Seuss Bedroom!  So let’s get started!  Welcome to the Family Adventure Series: Dr. Seuss Week!!!

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I received this fabric free of charge from Shannon Fabrics.  All designs and opinions are 100% my own.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket Tutorial

Recently two of my favorite women in the entire world had baby boys, and I knew those boys needed something extra special from Auntie (well, surrogate auntie for one of them) Sarah.  Enter the Dr Seuss Cuddle Fabric line from Shannon Fabrics.  After all, what could be better than an insanely soft Dr Seuss blanket?!  Not much, my friends.  Not much!

Let’s take a look at how I created these.  This tutorial can be done using ANY cuddle/minky fabrics, or even cotton!  It is all straight lines and very straightforward.  However, Cuddle Fabric is a bit tricky to work with because, as my son would say, it’s “as slippery as an eel.”  BUT . . . it’s worth it!!  What baby doesn’t want to snuggle their little body into a deliciously soft blanket?  Just account for the slippery nature of the fabric by using loads of pins and sewing slowly and carefully.  It is so SO worth it.

Now let’s get started!

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket

Here is my glorious stack of Dr Seuss Cuddle.  Swoon.  First cut your backing square.  Lay the fabric out flat and fold it into a huge triangle.  Cut along the triangle edge and unfold.  It *should* be a square.  I didn’t take a picture of this step, sorry.

My blanket ended up being about 37 inches across when it was finished (you need to allow wiggle room for seams).  In short, I think 1 1/2 yards for backing would be plenty, and then the equivalent of that much fabric plus extra seams for the front.  I used six different patterns in strips that were 6 3/4″ wide, so I needed a bit of each type of Seuss Cuddle, but if you used less fabric patterns you would just buy more fabric of each pattern that you did use.  Do the math for precise measurements, or just order 1/2 yard of each if you stink at the planning and measuring part of sewing, like I do.  Ugh.  It’s the worst!  That and the cutting, of course.

You will also need about 4 1/2 yards of jumbo ric rac (I got mine at The Ribbon Retreat online) in order to make this blanket.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-6

Cut six strips that are 6 3/4 inches wide.  Prepare yourself for a mess, because cutting Cuddle is a messy affair.  Lots of fibers flying.  Use your sharpest scissors/rotary cutter.  It’s thick fabric.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-7

Lay your strips on the table and rearrange the order until they are the way that you like them.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-8

Lay one of the strips on top of the strip next to it, right sides together, and carefully pin one of the sides together.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-9

Sew carefully.  (I used a 3/8 inch seam allowance.)

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-10

Open up the two strips.  They are now attached, so you will repeat this process of sewing up the side with the next strip, as shown.  Repeat over and over until the top of your blanket is finished.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-11

Because of imperfect cutting and the stretchy nature of this fabric, my strips were not all perfectly the same length.  Once I had finished sewing them all together I used my rotary cutter to trim around the square and make the edges even.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-12 Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-14

Now you lay the jumbo ric rac out all around the outside of the front of the quilt and carefully pin it in place.  You can see how I dealt with the corners in the picture above.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-13

Lay the backing piece of fabric on top of the pieced front, right sides together, and pin around the sides.  Now slowly and carefully sew around the side.  BE SURE TO LEAVE A SPACE OPEN SO THAT YOU CAN TURN THE BLANKET RIGHTSIDES OUT, as shown below!

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-25

Prior to turning the blanket right sides out, trim along the sides of the blanket and the ric rac to remove excess fabric, especially on the corners.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-24

Time to turn the blanket right sides out!

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-26

Remove the pins and carefully pull the blanket out through the open space.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-27

Close the open gap in the blanket by tucking the edges under and pinning in place, as shown above.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-28

Slowly and carefully sew the opening shut, staying close to the edge of the blanket.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-19

ALL DONE!  Let’s take a closer look at this cute fabric.

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-22 Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-21 Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-20 Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-23

How fun is that, right?!  Please let me know if you decide to make this blanket, or something similar using this tutorial, for a baby that you love!

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-18 Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-17

Have a Dr. Seuss-y day!

Dr Seuss Cuddle Blanket-15

If you liked this post then you will LOVE my son’s full Dr. Seuss Bedroom Reveal!  Check it out!

Dr Seuss Bedroom from Bombshell Bling

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Sarah Westover McKenna
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