Simple Heart Hair Clip & Pom-Pom Twirly Skirt

Make this simple heart hair cilp in five minutes flat!  Too cute!!

Good morning!  Today I have a simple last minute Valentine’s Day tutorial for you.  It seriously took me a whopping five minutes to complete.  It is a tutorial for a simple heart hair clip.  You ready for this?  Here we go!

Simple Heart Hair Clip-2

I found this bag of puffy heart stickers last week in the Target dollar bins.  Those things are evil, I’m telling ya!  Impulse buy capital of the world!  Anyway, I bought them with no particular project in mind.  A few days later a friend and I made our girls Valentine’s Day versions of Pom Pom Twirly Skirts.  (More on that later!)  Such a fun, flirty little skirt needed a perfect accessory, and for once I opted not to go for a huge headband.  The skirt is the big star of the outfit, so the hair accessory needed to be subtle but super fun.  Enter the puffy heart stickers.

Simple Heart Hair Clip

For this tutorial I used a tiny snap clip (available at places like Sally Beauty Supply), a puffy heart sticker, a thin piece of ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

Simple Heart Hair Clip-3


I wanted red ribbon for this project but didn’t have any on hand.  I decided to look for white, but I didn’t have any of that either.  Finally I found this ribbon with a very subtle print on one side, so I grabbed it and just had the white side facing outward.

Start by dabbing a dot of glue on the ribbon and attaching it to the bottom point of your clip as shown.

Simple Heart Hair Clip-4

Add a bit of glue on top of the clip and fold over the ribbon.  (Be sure to line it up so it looks straight.)

Simple Heart Hair Clip-5

Next place a dot of glue on the back of the clip.  Stretch the ribbon down to that end.  You are essentially covering up most of the clip.

Simple Heart Hair Clip-6 Simple Heart Hair Clip-7

Place a small amount of glue on the back of the clip and fold the ribbon under.

Simple Heart Hair Clip-8

Cut off the ribbon once it is attached under the clip.

Simple Heart Hair Clip-9


Now you are ready for the heart.  Yes, already!  


Simple Heart Hair Clip-10

Peel the sticker part of the heart off entirely.  Then use a dot of glue to attach the heart on top of the ribbon-covered clip.





Simple Heart Hair Clip-11

Ta-da!  Too cute, right?  And crazy simple.

Simple Heart Hair Clip-12


Let’s see it in-action on my sweet little model, along with her Valentine’s Day version of my Pom Pom Twirly Skirt, of course.  (See the tutorial for directions on that.)

Make this simple heart hair cilp in five minutes flat!  Too cute!!

Where’s my lady???  Peek-a-boo!  :)

Make this simple heart hair cilp in five minutes flat!  Too cute!!

Pom Pom Twirly Skirt from Bombshell Bling Simple Heart Hair Clip-17
Simple Heart Hair Clip-16

Please let me be done taking pictures now, Mama!  Pretty, pretty please!!

Simple Heart Hair Clip-20

Alright, you sweet thing…..let’s go snuggle!  :)

Happy Valentine’s Day Week!

Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah is the scattered creative mind behind Bombshell Bling. A former elementary school teacher and a current stay-at-home mom, she loves developing her creativity through her blog and her jewelry design business, Bombshell Bling Jewelry. Sarah is a lover of all things vintage, colorful, and BLING. She is also a sweets addict with a major obsession with s'mores.
Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah Westover McKenna

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