Baby Sleep Sack Pattern

*I had the privilege of getting to hand-pick this fabric for my sleep sack from the Shannon Fabrics website.  It was sent to me free of charge, but my obsessive love for touching it is completely my own opinion.  😉

FREE Baby Sleep Sack PDF Pattern from Bombshell Bling

I am excited to share today’s sewing tutorial with you.  Why?  Because it includes the first pattern that I ever created, and I am including it as a PDF file for you for free!!  Woohoo!

This pattern is for a Baby Sleep Sack.  But what is a baby sleep sack?  It’s a wearable blanket, of course!  You aren’t supposed to lay blankets on top of babies due to suffocation risks, so these wearable blankets keep baby snug and warm, but safe as well!  Genius.  And since every baby needs one, regardless of gender, so this quick and easy project is perfect for baby shower attendees to give as gifts!

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!

When my son was born a friend made me a brown fleece sleep sack with large owls on it.  It was very cute, and it served us well, but when I found out my second baby was going to be a little girl it flitted through my mind that I should make her a more feminine sleep sack.  But then I didn’t.  And didn’t. And before I knew it her first birthday was creeping up and she was still in her brother’s brown owl sleep sack.  So I got my booty in gear and made her a bright, girly owl sleep sack for her first birthday.  I love the girly colors, and I love stroking the soft fabric when I am feeding her before bed.  I am a texture junkie.

Are you familiar with cuddle fabric?  Some call is minky.  Regardless of what you call it, it ROCKS.  This fabulous print is the Robert Kaufman Night Owls cuddle fabric that is manufactured by Shannon Fabrics.  Shannon Fabrics has an amazing selection of prints, colors, and textures of cuddle fabrics, so be sure to check them out!  Cuddle fabric is soft, it is silky, and it is just so dang fun to touch.  I love it.

Now let’s get down to business!

Here is what you will need in order to make your sleep sack:

*  Baby Sleep Sack PDF Pattern
*  Cuddle Fabric (I’m not sure exactly how much I used, but one yard should be plenty.)
*  coordinating thread
*  a coordinating color of zipper (I believe I used a 20 inch zipper.)
*  sewing machine, pins, scissors, etc.

This tutorial is crazy simple other than the zipper, which is only slightly tricky, so let’s get going!

*  Start with the pattern.  Have you ever used a PDF pattern before?  It’s super easy, and I’m excited to share my first original one with you!  Simply print out the pattern on regular paper, cut it out and tape it together.  Viola!  A pattern!  Nifty, eh?

To create this pattern I used the old sack and then I made it longer and I expanded the neck hole and the armpit holes quite a bit.  I always wished they were bigger on our old sack, so this was the magical moment to make changes.

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric! Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!
*  Next you are going to cut your fabric.  I discovered that cutting cuddle fabric is a tad messy.  It makes a little bit of a mess initially, but then it doesn’t fray after that.  Strange.  But worth it!

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!

Fold your fabric in half and lay out the pattern as shown.  The straight side of your pattern is along the fold of the fabric.  Now cut out the pattern piece twice.

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!

*  Next you will seal the armpits and neck hole of your sleep sack by sewing a zig zag stitch along the cut edges.  No need to bother hemming it unless you really want to.  I believe in simplifying my life whenever possible.

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!

*  Time to deal with the zipper.  This is my least favorite part.  I folded the fabric and laid my zipper on top of my front piece and cut the length of it.  Then I pinned it along the opening, as shown in the picture, and sewed it onto my fabric using my zipper foot.

Ok, those directions were sortof lame.  Sorry.  But you can see your machine’s manual for details on your zipper foot, and zippers always have instructions on their packaging as well.

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric! Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric! Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!

*  Now zip your zipper closed, lay your two pieces on top of one another right sides together, pin, and stitch around the sides of the bag and on the shoulders.

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!

*  You are DONE!  Easy peasy, right?!  Now go stick it on your little one and cuddle away!

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!

Isn’t she angelic??

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!

My 18 month old nephew still wears his sleep sack.  We call it his “Man Gown” and tease my sister about it.  Check out this picture I got of him wearing it.  So ashamed……so ashamed…..  Heehee!

Sleep Sack Tutorial

Happy Sewing!

Free baby sleep sack pattern - simple to make with cuddle fabric!


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Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah Westover McKenna


  1. Beckie says

    Great tutorial and pictures! Do you think I could do this with snaps? I don’t have the first clue how to do a zipper! (Hangs head in shame)

    Thanx! :)

    • says

      Thanks! I’m sure snaps would work! I just prefer zippers b/c they are faster when my kids are trying to squirm away from me. :)

  2. says

    1- would you mind if I site/share this pattern on my blog…. with full credits to you of course and a link back?

    2- Is this pattern as long as your nephews? I’m trying to making one specifically to keep my 11 month from climbing out the crib… So I don’t want it to be long enough that she can walk around and climb out 😉 Or is this pattern a little shorter, she is sleeping right now… I guess I could just measure her and make seam allowances?

    • says

      Hi Kylee!

      1- My sharing policy is that I LOVE for people to share one picture and a link back. Please do not share the whole tutorial or the PDF pattern. But you are welcome to post your pictures and link back to my post so people will come here if they would like the pattern! :)

      2- No, it is not as long as his. My 11 month fit into it fine, but she is petite. You may want to lengthen it a bit. Just measure your little one and adjust it accordingly. Good luck! :)


  3. Claire says

    Love this! I’ve been looking for a pattern for ages! I notice you haven’t lined it with anything – this is the bit I’ve not been able to get my head around really… What do you think about lining them, especially for the colder months?


    • says

      I have never seen a lined one, so I didn’t really consider it! I’m sure you could add one, but I don’t feel it’s necessary if you use a think fleece or minky fabric. This one is WARM!

  4. Mary says

    My granddaughter is having twin boys and we live in a cold climate. Massachusetts. How can I insert sleeves?
    She has 2 boys already. 3 and 1. She is going to be one busy lady. Thank you

    • says

      WOW! She IS going to be busy! You will need to look up a tutorial on adding sleeves or making a long-sleeved shirt. I can’t help you much. Sleeves are something I avoid while sewing because I can’t quite seem to master them! However, my daughter used this over long sleeve fleece footie jammies during our cold Colorado winters and was fine, so if you can’t figure it out I still think it’s worth having/making!

  5. Lucy says

    Hi Sarah – this is gorgeous and would make a great gift for my new niece, however I’m getting an error message when I try to open the PDF. Have any other readers had this issue?

  6. Imani says

    I’m so making this today .. Do u know from what size to what size this would fit my son is 3 months and its starting to get cold and really need something like this I don’t really care how it fit at the bottom but I wil like the arm and neck hole to fit well so he can’t wiggle out if it … I wonder if I can make it adjustable mmmmm… Any tip will be greatful as I’m a new sewer.. Btw awesome blog

    • says

      I have used it on her from infancy to now, which is 18 months. I think it would be ok! I had another one and the arm and neck holes were smaller, which was great for a teeny tiny baby, but then it became a fight to get my kids into it, so I got rid of that one and enlarged the openings on this pattern for growth convenience. I can’t think of a way to make it adjustable, unless you want to try making a casing around the arm and using elastic. If you are new to sewing I could probably just follow the pattern, though. Good luck! :)

  7. Imani says

    Ok perfect got the fabric and will start this today I’m excited what I might do to make it adjustable is but snaps on the shoulder .. We will see how it work

  8. Beth says

    My son wears the ponseti brace to sleep and these are so helpful not to get his shoes caught up in a blanket, he has to wear the brace until at least 3, so being able to adapt and make the sack bigger is a great help, there aren’t very many for the tall toddlers. he is 19 months and is 3 feet tall-longer with the brace on!

  9. vero says

    They are VERY common in France, we call them “gigoteuse” or “turbulette”. They are often lined and come in various sizes.

  10. Jessica Dobbs says

    Just made this tonite! My machine gave me fits with the fabric/zig zag/tension

    But once i got it going, it FLEW by. Getting more material to make a second (and probably third)

    AWESOME pattern!

  11. says

    Um, my daughter will be three in two weeks and won’t sleep without her sleep sack. As you can imagine, she’s really pushing it in terms of fitting in the sack! This might be a perfect solution for us. Or I guess I could get her out of the crib into a big girl bed with normal covers…. Nah!

    • says

      You could, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Are you thinking at the top or bottom? I don’t love the idea of loose strings and tightening possibility around baby’s neck. It’s simpler to keep a drawstring out of it I think….

  12. jenn says

    I just wanted to comment on the tons of binkies!!!! My middle daughter still held onto the plastic about three per little hand after we cut the binky sucky part off!!! There were always about 10 in her crib!!!! She’s 10 now. Thanks that brought back some great memories :)

  13. Lucinda Shier says

    So I am in the process of making my first one right now. I know someone else said their machine was giving issues with tension for the zig-zag. I am also having a problem. The zig-zag made it wavey. I know we probably all have different machines but mine is a singer simple and if anyone has one and can tell me what tension they used I would appreciate it!

  14. Judy says

    I have a question about the zipper after you cut the opening for the zipper did you just lay the zipper on the wrong side and sew. When I did that I had the cut edge exposed. Should i have laid the zipper on the front then sewed and turn in or turned the cut edge in and then laid the zipper on that and sewed it on?

  15. Suze says

    Thank you so much for this pattern! My first one is currently keeping my little munchkin cosy :-)
    The outer and lining is cotton flannelette fabric, padded with two layers of bamboo wadding. I would leave a photo but I don’t know how!!

  16. Yac says

    Wonderful! My 4 month old just outgrew his 3-6 months one and I dont want to purchase another one now and just realize he will outgrow it before winter time and then I will have to buy another one.

    What size would you kind of think this will fit? I am trying to make it big enough for him to not outgrow it soon.

    Thank you.

  17. donna says

    I have made a similar sleep sac but faced the neck and sleeves. Your way is so much easier!! I am about to make one for my 2 year old granddaughter. I am thinking about putting velcro across the bottom seam so in the morning she can rip it open and be able to still wear it, yet still be able to walk in it. It will be like a robe then. She may have to lift it to walk because it is long but at least she could get around.

  18. Jenny says

    I would suggest a separating zipper and install it with the zipper bottom end at the top of the sack. My son is on an apnea monitor and zippers are a problem otherwise (the wires have to come out somewhere). This is the way commercial sleep sacks are made. Love the pattern, thank you for posting it.

    • says

      That’s a great idea even for kids without sleep apnea – harder for the kid to unzip when they are older! 😉 The ones we bought had regular zippers, but it was a while ago. They must have upgraded the design since then!

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