St. Patrick’s Day Rhinestone Headband

St. Patrick's Day Rhinestone Headband from Bombshell Bling

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya!  I am excited to share my St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Rhinestone Headband with you today!  As you know, one of the things that I have a weakness for is creating blingy headgear for my daughter, especially for holidays and events.  If you are new here and don’t believe me just try searching “baby headband” on my blog.  I have a problem.  A big one.  Here, I’ll prove it.  Here are just SOME of the headbands I have made for her.  (I told you….problems.)  😉

Baby Headbands Galore from Craft Quickies

Well, my little princess isn’t quite so little anymore.  In fact, she is almost two!  Waaaaahhhhh!  I hate it when babies grow up.  Lately Little Princess now seems to like hard headbands better than elastic ones with enormous feathers on them that get into her eyes.  Go figure.  So today I thought I would branch out and make her something different.

This headband is one of the simplest I have made, but I love the way that it turned out, and I love that she will be able to wear her new “big girl headband” for at least a few years of St. Patrick’s Days.  Let’s take a look at how I made it in 5 minutes flat.  (Maybe less.)

To make this headband you will need the following supplies:

*  a headband (I got this glittery one in one of the $1 bins at JoAnn’s Fabrics.)
*  three rhinestone buttons  (I got mine from THIS Etsy shop, Fleuriste Supplies.)
*  scissors
*  a hot glue gun and glue

St Patrick's Day Rhinestone Headband-1

Start by cutting the back loop off of the buttons.  I couldn’t get mine super flush with the button back, but it didn’t matter in the end.

St Patrick's Day Rhinestone Headband-2

Think about how you want your buttons arranged and then just start gluing them on one at a time.  Be generous with the glue!

St Patrick's Day Rhinestone Headband-3 St Patrick's Day Rhinestone Headband-4 St Patrick's Day Rhinestone Headband-5 St Patrick's Day Rhinestone Headband-6 St Patrick's Day Rhinestone Headband-7

You are DONE.  It is THAT simple!  Crazy, right??  But isn’t it cute on my little Irish princess?  I especially love that little rainbow rhinestone button.

St. Patrick's Day Rhinestone Headband

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Have a lucky day!  :)

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