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Hi, it’s Angela, and I’m getting ready for my favorite Summer holiday with this patriotic wreath! I really enjoy the 4th of July! Maybe it is because I used to be a History teacher and I really appreciate the significance of the day. Maybe it is because of the wonderful traditions that the day brings like making chicken wings, eating delicious ice cream, and watching the fireworks with family and friends!
This year I decided to make a patriotic wreath to get my home feeling the spirit of the holiday!
Want to make one too? It is super easy!
You will need:
3 spools of wired ribbon (1 blue dots, 1 red stripes, 1 red)
Pipe cleaners
Glue gun
Twig wreath
First you want to make your bows.
1. Make a small loop. This will be the center of your bow.
2. Twist the backside of your bow.
3. Make a loop. Make it bigger then your center loop.
4. Then twist the ribbon again on the backside of your bow.
5. Then keep twisting and looping as many times as you want. All of my bows have 8 loops.
6. Pull your pip cleaner through the center of your bow.
7. Twist your pipe cleaner tightly around the back of your bow.
8. Fluff up all of your loops, and then your bow will be complete.
I made 5 bows in various sizes. All of the bows were made with the same technique.
Next arrange your bows on your wreath, and then use your hot glue gun to glue the bows in place.
Then to give it a little more 4th of July flare, I added a few star shoots out of the top and bottom of some of the bows on the wreath.
I put it on display on my front entry table. I love how the patriotic wreath fits in with the rest of my 4th of July decor!
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