Minnie Mouse Headband

This Minnie Mouse Headband from Craft Quickies is the cutest ever!

Are you dying from the cuteness of the picture below?  Because I am.  DYING!  It’s insane.  Just……insane.  When my husband and I decided to take our two little ones to Disneyland (which was a total splurge and totally impractical and the first trip we have ever taken not with family or to visit family in eight years of marriage) I started dreaming about all of the perfect photos that I would get.  Photos of my son beaming with joy as he met Lightning McQueen, photos of all of us looking tan and rested and thin as we gleefully rode rides with our heads thrown back and big grins on our face, a photos of all of us posing beautifully in the Peter Pan family costumes that my MIL and I made, and one of my daughter grinning with Minnie Mouse in a *perfect* outfit wearing a *perfect* Minnie Mouse Headband.

This Minnie Mouse Headband from Craft Quickies is the cutest ever!

Yeah, well, at least one of those photos worked out for me.  My son is 3 1/2.  In other words, he thinks he is smiling when he is actually giving a terrible grimace.  Oh, and he was exhausted and overstimulated.  But the Little Princess.  Man oh man, did SHE ever pull through for me.  I was contemplating making her a Minnie Mouse dress when I realized that I had purchased this ruffle outfit while I was pregnant.  I knew the perfect accessory would complete the look.  And she would smile like an angel.  Which she did, right after she lovingly stroked Minnie’s face.  Mama Heaven right here!

Minnie Pinterest Pic

While on a quest to discover the perfect accessory to accompany her floofy (as my husband would say) polka dot romper I saw the picture above on Pinterest.  Perfection, right?  But the link led nowhere.  So I just went for it.  Would you like to go for it as well?  It is very simple, but the results are awesome.  I don’t think I have ever gotten so many compliments on an accessory that I have made in my life.  (And I am a jewelry designer!)  Even the Disney staff were cooing over it, and you would think they would have seen it all!  So thank you, nameless Pinterest inspiration.  You rock!

***UPDATE:  Ummm…..it turns out this way made by a friend that I go to church with!  WHAT THE HECK?!?!  Small, small world!  Check out her original post on how to prep for a Disney trip here.

Let’s get started!

Gather your supplies.  You will need black cotton fabric, a bit of black felt, some red ribbon (I ended up ditching the fabric in the picture when I discovered a piece of polka dot ribbon in my stash), scissors, and a low heat glue gun (burns hurt).  You will also need either an alligator clip or foldover elastic headband to attach your Minnie head onto.


 Cut long strips of black fabric.


Twirl the fabric with your fingers and then twist the twirled fabric into a rosette circle, as shown in the pictures.  Dab glue as you go to keep the fabric together.  (I have a slightly more detailed photo tutorial of this here.  Just in case you are confused at all.)


You need to make one large black fabric rosette and two small black fabric rosettes.  When you have completed them lay them on top of a scrap of black felt.  Use a pen to mark the area of the felt to cut or just eyeball it and wing it.  Cut the felt to cover the back of the head and ears (as shown in the pictures below).


Glue your “head” and “ears” on to the felt generously.  Also dab glue in the space where the “head” and “ears” meet to secure them together.  You should have one, rather stiff, head.  It will loosen up with time, so that’s ok!


Time to tackle the bow!  Cut a small piece of bow (fold it first to eyeball how big you want it on your particular Minnie head).  Fold it backward and glue, as shown in the picture.


Squeeze the bow in to make it cute and puckered in the middle, as shown in the picture below.


Dab glue in the back to keep the puckered shape firmly in place.


Now cut another piece of ribbon.  Fold it back so that it is the width that you would like for the center strip.  It should be fairly thin.


Glue one end of the thinner folded strip to the back of your bow.


Line the entire length of the ribbon with glue and carefully wrap it around your bow.


Finish gluing the back and trim the ribbon.


Now glue your bow onto your mouse head!  Isn’t it cute?!


Now all that is left is to glue it onto an alligator clip or a headband!  I used a foldover elastic headband since my Little Lady is as bald as can be.  But she is perfection, is she not??

Such a sweet Minnie Mouse Headband from Craft Quickies

Enjoy your new Minnie Mouse Headband, and if you go to Disneyland be sure to say “Hi!” to Minnie for Little Miss Thing and me!

Cute and EASY Minnie Mouse headband from Craft Quickies.  Sure to make a splash at Disneyland!

Be sure to follow my Pinterest board dedicated to Minnie Mouse and my board dedicated to Disney so that you don’t miss any other fun Disney-related ideas that I come across or make!

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Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah Westover McKenna


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    I love how easy you make making the bow look! I am not very crafty but I just might be able to pull off making these. If we ever make it to disney I know my daughter would love to sport one the entire trip.

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    Hi! This is so adorable! I am running a “Disney Fun Month” on my blog right now, I have a few handmade Disney hair accessories of my own that I’m going to post, but I am wondering if you would mind if I included a picture and link to your project as well? Thanks!


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