Lucky Clover Wreath

Lucky Clover Wreath from Craft Quickies

Well, I finished my Valentine’s Day mantle decorations last night.  Yep, that’s right.  It’s February 26th.  Whoops.  But hey, now it’s all ready for next year!  It also got my butt in gear to prep for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.  Today I am going to share with you a recipe for my Lucky Clover Wreath.

Up until this year I’ve really only had decorations for Halloween and Christmas, and even those were very small boxes of decorations. That is what happens when you are living in apartments as students.  But now we are living with my dad in his beautiful home, and that home is in need of some decor!  So today I made my first St. Patrick’s Day decoration.  After all, I married a man with Irish blood and we named our son Callum.  We need to acknowledge this holiday with more than a pinch, don’t you think?!

Are you ready to learn how to make the simplest wreath ever?  Seriously.  It took me 20 minutes max.  Gotta love hot glue and foam shapes!  I found these sparkly foam clovers at the dollar store yesterday, so I grabbed several packages of them and headed home to get busy.  If you haven’t noticed, I am loving crafting with foam shapes.  Not the classiest, sure, but it is so easy and convenient, not to mention affordable!  They are also durable and crisp-looking.  I am a little bit obsessed.

Lucky Clover Wreath 2

Gather your supplies:

* styrofoam wreath form (mine was 16 inches)
* hot glue gun and glue
* ribbon or fabric for wrapping the wreath form (I used ribbon I got 90% off after Christmas at JoAnn’s knowing that someday I would have a use for it.  I love stocking up on supplies at post-holiday sales!)
* foam clovers (Found at the dollar store, although I have seen them at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s as well.  But they were cheapest at the dollar store, and the perfect size!)

Lucky Clover Wreath 3

Hot glue the end of your ribbon to the back of your wreath.  Wrap the wreath with ribbon, dotting glue on the back of the wreath occasionally to keep the ribbon in place.  Glue the other end of the ribbon to the back of the wreath once you are finished wrapping.

Lucky Clover Wreath Now plan the layout of your clovers so you are sure you will glue them in the right place.  I decided to alternate colors and the direction that the clovers were facing.

Lucky CLover Wreath 4

Hot glue your bottom layer of clovers to your wreath.

Lucky Clover Wreath 5

Hot glue your top layer of clovers to your wreath.

Lucky Clover Wreath 6

Cut a piece of ribbon the length that you want the “hook” for your wreath to be.  Hot glue this onto the back of your wreath very well so that it is strong and secure.

Lucky Clover Wreath from Craft Quickies 2 copy

Voila!  Go hang it up!  May it bring you good luck!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah is the scattered creative mind behind Bombshell Bling. A former elementary school teacher and a current stay-at-home mom, she loves developing her creativity through her blog and her jewelry design business, Bombshell Bling Jewelry. Sarah is a lover of all things vintage, colorful, and BLING. She is also a sweets addict with a major obsession with s'mores.
Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah Westover McKenna



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