Felt Chrysanthemum Headband

Felt Chrysanthemum Headband Tutorial

Happy December, friends!  Christmas is nearing.  Are you ready?  I am for the most part.  Just a few details to wrap up.  I do have several fun Christmas posts to share with you, but today I thought I’d share one that can be used all year long: how to make a felt chrysanthemum headband!  Or, more specifically, how to make a felt chrysanthemum.  Then you can do with it what you want, whether it’s for a headband or pin or bag or pillows or anything else!  They are SHOCKINGLY simple to make but look oh-so-impressive.  Gotta love that!  Let’s get creating, shall we?

(Oh, and psssst…..my first venture into the world of video tutorials is at the bottom of this post.  Just another option for those of you who learn best by watching the actual process.)

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-9

To make a felt chrysanthemum all you need is a piece of felt, a pair of scissors, and a hot glue gun.  Use wool felt if you can—it’s the bomb!  I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until about a year ago.  It is so much thicker and richer looking, but not all that much more expensive!  Worth the literal extra pennies.  ;)  I order mine on Etsy, although some small local fabric shops carry it as well.

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-10

Begin by cutting a long strip of felt.  I usually make mine between 1 and 3 inches wide.  The width of the strip and the width of the snips you are about to make will change the look and size of your chrysanthemum.  More on that (complete with pictures) later.  I believe I cut the entire length of the felt.  A longer strip makes a larger flower, obviously.  Fold your strip in half the long way (or the hot dog way, if you are also fluent in elementary school lingo), as shown above.

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-11

Take your scissors and snip all along the strip evenly, as shown above.

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-12

When your strip is snipped evenly then grab your hot glue gun and start rolling and gluing along the bottom of the strip (still folded, obviously).

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-13

Continue rolling and gluing until you get to the end of your strip.

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-14

Glue the end of your strip under the bottom of the bloom.  That’s it!!

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-20

Now you can attach your felt chrysanthemum to anything that you desire!  I measured my lady’s little head to cut elastic.  I usually subtract two inches and cut that length of elastic.  You can hot glue the elastic ends together.  Next I cut a bit of green felt into a leaflike shape and glued them to the elastic and the flowers right on top of those.  If you would like to you can line underneath it with felt, but with small chrysanthemums like this it’s probably not necessary.

Let’s take a look at the difference that the width of your snips can make.  Here is what a felt chrysanthemum looks like with very thin snips:

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-18

This is what a felt chrysanthemum looks like with wide snips:

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-17

Very different looks, but both lovely.  Here is a closer look at the all red headband I made my little princess for Christmas last year.  It was perfect for the holidays, but neutral enough to wear all year long as well.

How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum from Bombshell Bling How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-2 How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum-5

Isn’t she precious??

How to make Felt Chrysanthemums

Prefer to learn in a video format?  Here ya go!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Three things. 1. Your baby is really cute. 2. Cute bows! My grand daughter would love to pull these off of her head. 3. When the email for this showed up in my inbox, I read “Felt Chrysanthemum Husband”. I’m pretty sure I need to get some sleep. :)

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