Elf on the Shelf Ideas Using Toys

Elf on the Shelf Using Toys It is almost upon us, friends: Elf on the Shelf season!  Did you check out my post last week on Elf on the Shelf Ideas Using Marshmallows?  You should.  Silly, sugary, simple fun!  Plus, that post includes all of my musings on Elf on the Shelf and on our elf, Reindeer Face, who was clearly named by a three year old boy.  ;)
10 simple & fun ideas for your Elf on the Shelf using marshmallows! But let’s move on to today’s collection of ideas: Elf on the Shelf Ideas Using Your Child’s TOYS!

I am all about simplicity.  Lazy Mama alert, right here!  And I’m totally cool with that.  I don’t want a naughty, mischievous elf or a messy elf.  I already have two mischievous, messy little ones in my home, thank you very much.  For that reason I love simple but fun ideas to do with our elf.  Today I am sharing some of our favs with you.

Elf  Ideas-49 He can build himself a castle!
Elf Ideas-52 Or maybe just a Lego throne.
Elf Ideas-23 He may need to go on a quick ride on the rocking horse.
Elf  Ideas-47 Playing is very hard work, so he probably needs to cook up some “food” in the toy kitchen… Elf Ideas-46 And then, of course, he will need to sit down and eat it.
Elf  Ideas-43 Driving a dump truck is always a blast.  If you want to go the extra mile you could fill the back of the truck with mini candy canes or tiny presents!
Elf Ideas-41 Of course, riding a dragon would be even more exciting….  (I found that huge thing at Saver’s for $5.  Score!)
Elf  Ideas-39 Elves love trains…didn’t you know? Elf Ideas-40 Small trains….or big trains.  Lounge away, Sir Elf….lounge away!
Elf  Ideas-44 Choo choo!!
Elf  Ideas-38 Elves also love playing dress up.  Strange, but true!
Elf  Ideas-37 Just admiring his majestic reflection….
Elf Ideas-30 Off to little sister’s room to visit the princesses… Elf Ideas-31 He seems rather pleased about this development.  Flirty Elf!  ;)
Elf  Ideas-28 Maybe if he chills near the doll furniture for long enough someone will feed him a snack….
Elf Ideas-12 Or take him for a ride!
Elf Ideas-26 Then again, maybe he will just take a nap instead.
Elf  Ideas-14 Reading books is always fun, especially in a miniature rocking chair.
Elf  Ideas-16 Then again, reading to friends is even more fun than reading alone! Elf on the Shelf Ideas-17 New friends will also need to be taught all about Santa, naturally.
Elf on the Shelf Ideas-18 (The little chalkboard is CRAZY simple to make!  Tutorial HERE.)
Elf on the Shelf Ideas-22 The Elf can also play games with his friends! Elf on the Shelf Ideas-21 Jenga! Elf on the Shelf Ideas-19 Or dice!
Elf on the Shelf Ideas-6 Time to drive into the sunset, little Elf.  Be sure to buckle your seat belt! Elf on the Shelf Ideas-7

Come back on Saturday for more Elf on the Shelf Ideas, this time using household chores as inspiration.  Have a happy day!

Sarah Westover McKenna
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  1. Awesome list! These are the kin of things our elf loves to do. Thanks for new ideas!

  2. Cracked up when I saw the double headed dragon! Pinned! (: xo


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