Doily and Scalloped Edge Cork Wall

Please welcome Angela for another amazing tutorial: Doily and Scalloped Edge Cork Wall.  You should SEE this girl’s house.  Seriously.  I hope she gives us a home tour sometime!!


I am currently obsessed with the SKURAR collection at Ikea. I have always loved doilies, so the fact that Ikea has incorporated the doily look into some of their designs has me going crazy! I have found a way to incorporate something from this collection in almost every room of my home. Yea, I am obsessed! My latest use of the SKURAR candle dishes is to incorporate them into my cork wall in my craft room. It is such a fun, cute, and simple way to create a unique bulletin board!

Here is how I did it:

Gather supplies:

Ikea candle dishes

Cork roll

Ikea cork trivets


3/4 inch round foam stencil brush


Hot glue


Doily cork:

1. Since I used two sizes of candle dishes, I cut two stencils. I cut- well I had my Cricut cut- a 10 inch diameter circle and a 4 1/4 inch diameter circle.

2. I unrolled my cork. You will need something to hold down the edges to keep it from curling up.

3. I traced my circle stencils onto my cork with chalk. The cork is thin. I cut two circles for each candy dish to increase the thickness.

4. I cut out my cork circles.

5. I put a ring of hot glue around the edge of the cork circles. Then I glued them to the candle dishes.

6. I repeated step 5. Each candle dish has two layers of cork. 

And here is the wonderful doily end result!

Scalloped edge cork:

1. Open your cork trivets. 

2. Get some paint on your foam stencil brush.

3. Only using half of the foam stencil brush, dab some paint around the edges of your cork trivets. 

I love these scalloped edge cork boards!
My new doily and scalloped edge cork wall makes me smile!
And I even found a way to incorporate the SKURAR mint green plant pot as my new paint holder! 
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  1. Crystal Nell says

    Those are super cute!! My daughter has the white tray from IKEA. She loved your idea. Thanks so much!! Pinned :)

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