DIY Stegosaurus Socks

Stegosaurus Socks DIY

My mom was such a fun mom.  She let us wear costumes all over and tell people with a straight face that our names were things like “Cheetara.”  Now it’s my turn.  My son is obsessed with make believe and dress up, and I have to remind myself to let him be an urchin so he can develop his imagination.  I’m channeling my inner Grandma Sally.  And aren’t these darling Stegosaurus Socks from Happy Together an amazing addition to any kid’s dress up wardrobe?!  I can’t wait to make my boy some for his birthday.  (I think they would be an amazing favor for a dinosaur birthday party, too, don’t you?)

Find the full tutorial here.  Happy sewing!

Sarah Westover McKenna
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  1. These socks are so sweet! I know a little girl who would love these socks for school!!! Thanks for the great idea!


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