Lego Birthday Party

Another AMAZING post from Angela today.  I hit the JACKPOT when I recruited her as a contributor, don’t you think?!  WOW.  She is amazing!  You are going to LOVE this Lego Birthday Party that she put together for her son!  Enjoy!
My little boy just turned 4 and he insisted on having a Lego birthday party. This was no surprise to me as he lives and breathes Legos. He is obsessed! After he settled on the idea of  a Lego party, I may have made the mistake of letting him view other Lego parties on Pinterest. He ended up having some very specific requests like a Lego head pinata, Lego jello jigglers, Orange Lego juice boxes, and an Emmett birthday cake. Because my son was so excited about his Lego party he helped me almost every step of the way. He helped make the crayons, and the jello, and the pinata.Working with him was my favorite part of putting this all together.
My son had never been a huge fan of coloring or doing any kind of art project, until one day we went to the library and checked out a book about how mini-figures are designed. The first step in the process is drawing out the design. Ever since he read that book he has loved designing and coloring his own mini-figures. I thought we would start the party by doing one of my son’s favorite activities. I gave each child a stack of  blank mini-figure pictures, and to make it extra fun, some Lego shaped crayons. I was worried that when the kids got their bags of crayons that they would think that it was candy and try to eat it. So I labeled the bags, crayons. It wasn’t until I was setting out the bags of crayons that the thought occurred to me that none of the kids could read yet. It is an unnecessary step unless you have an older crowd. Ha!
The Lego crayons are super simple to make. Take off the crayon wrappers, break the crayons into pieces, and then place into molds. Bake at 275 degrees for 20-25 minutes until they are fully melted. Let them cool before taking out of molds.
I purchased the molds from Amazon. Just Google Lego molds you can find a lot of places to purchase them. I used crayons from the dollar store. I think that was a smart idea, because the crayon wrappers were really easy to take off.
If you want to design your own mini-figures. HERE is the link to the mini-figure printable. There are four per page.
My next idea for an activity came from the Lego Movie! What is Emmett’s favorite T.V. Show?… “Honey, Where are my pants?” I thought it would be fun to finally find “Honey, Where are my pants?” man, his pants! We played pin the pants.
I found an image of the “Where are my pants?” man, and I had it printed onto a 16×20 poster. Then I printed out a pair of white pants for each kid. I also attached a label with each child’s name to the pants. That way we could know who was closest.

If you want to make your own poster, HERE is the link to the image of the pants man. HERE is the link to the image of the white pants.

Our next activity, by request of my son was to have a Lego head pinata. I was super intimidated by this at first. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make one. I found this great tutorial. It was actually really simple to make. Although, I made my pinata about 3 times the size of the pinata in the tutorial. The one they share is pretty small.
Then for the last activity of the party I gave each kid a Lego base with wheels. I let each of them build their own car.
Then we raced them!!! This was by far the favorite activity of the day. I could have let the kids sit around around the Lego table and build for the entire party, and they would have been completely happy.
After some car building we got to have cake! My son discovered this YouTube video about how to make an Emmett cake and that was all that he wanted and could talk about for weeks before his party. Even though the video lays out every detail about how to make it, I knew that it was still beyond my capabilities. I hired a good friend to make the cake. I am so glad that I did. It turned out to be the most amazing cake!!! My son LOVED it! I LOVED it! I didn’t want to ever cut into it.
At the beginning of the party, every child got a goodie bag with their name in Lego font. They got to take home some Lego crayons, their mini-figure drawings, candy from the pinata, and as a Thank you I made some Lego cookies for them to take home.
HERE you can download the Thank You printable I made if you would like to use it at your Lego party.
And for a few other details. We also had orange Lego juice boxes. The printable can be found HERE.
I also used my Lego molds to make Jello jigglers.
My son had a blast at his Lego party! I’m glad that I could make turning 4 so much fun!
Thanks for checking out my Lego birthday party!
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  1. Lori says

    I have used my Lego molds to make chocolates and jello- but if I use them for crayons, is it safe to use them for food again?

  2. says

    I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how much I love this! It’s totally not weird that I want to do this for my 23rd birthday, right…? Hahah!

  3. Kathy says

    Hi. I love the pin the pants game!
    I was wondering what you printed
    The pants on so they would cling
    To the patio door?

  4. Jeni says

    I love the Where’s My Pants game idea! I see you printed at Walgreens and the main print out was a 16×20. What about the pants, what size did you have printed? Thanks!!

  5. Amie says

    Where did you get the bases for your Lego cars? I have been looking everywhere and I can’t find any! Thanks!

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