WIN the ULTIMATE “Valentine’s Day Basket” + Blog Hop

Love is in the air!  

As you know, I believe that all holidays—including Valentine’s Day—are a fun family affair, which is why I hate people poo-poo-ing Valentine’s Day.  Can you ever have too much love in your life??  I don’t think so, that’s for sure!  I LOVE having an excuse to go out of my way and make the day a bit more special for my family.  I would like to say that I remember to do that every day of the year, but that just ain’t the truth.  Life is busy, people.  Busy, hectic, and downright exhausting at times.  And that is why I love the holidays.  I love having a reason and a REMINDER to slow down and savor my family.  I have carried on my mama’s awesome traditions with my own kids, and I would love to share them with you!  You can read about them on my Heart Attack and Secret Cupid posts.

But here’s the thing: I think that Valentine’s Day is also a day for sweethearts.  Regardless of what type of marriage or relationship you are in, it NEVER hurts to do something special and out of the ordinary!  My hubs is about as wonderful as they come (seriously….I SOO do not deserve that good natured man!), but I still love knowing that there are days on which we are going to be reminded to slow down and think of one another.  Sometimes life gets in the way of romance, ya know?  

So if you are planning on celebrating your love this February, 14th 2014 then this giveaway is an incredible opportunity that you will NOT want to miss!  It is being organized by the amazingly fabulous Dating Divas!  I am SOOOO excited about this giveaway and CRAZY honored to have been invited to participate!

So, are you ready for this?! TWENTY-EIGHT of my FAVORITE bloggers have put together amazing Valentine’s Day baskets filled with everything you will need for fun, romantic night! That’s right, ladies… no more stressing over what to do or scrambling at the last minute to pull together a memorable evening.

Valentine’s Day is 100% planned for the lucky recipients of these twenty-eight gorgeous baskets!

Each of my blogging friends and I are giving away a unique themed date night basket valued at over $100 each to make your evening something you will treasure forever!

Here’s a peak at all 28 giveaway baskets:

OMG!  Win an amazing ready-made date basket in this awesome giveaway!!

Are you ready for a chance to enter 28 AMAZING Giveaways AND meet some of my favorite blogging friends?

Welcome to The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Basket + Blog Hop!!

Here’s What You Do:

#1) Get pumped to feast on all the delicious eye candy of the amazing giveaways you are about to enter!  This stuff is awesome!

#2) Scroll down further in this post to get a more DETAILED description of what I am giving away.

#3) Enter MY giveaway at the very bottom of the post.

#4) Time to start “blog-hopping!” Click on each of my friends’ links below & enter ALL of their giveaways!

#5) Definitely take time to check out each of these sites.  This is an awesome and varied  group of talented ladies! You are in for a REAL treat!!

Ready for a sneak peek of MY basket??  I had so much fun putting it together!  EEK!

Photo Booth Date Giveaway

Don’t worry, you will see ALL of the details of my basket below, but first let me show you where to hop around to check out these awesome blog and enter to win their date baskets.


Click on each link to view each site, and enter to win their “Valentine’s Date Night” basket. If you receive an error message, click to the blog’s home page. So much inspiration, right?!?

1. The Dating Divas 2. Bombshell Bling 3. Thirty Handmade Days 4. All Things Thrifty 5. Nobiggie 6. A Little Tipsy 7. The Crafting Chicks 8. Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke 9. Skip To My Lou 10. Snap 11. Fun Cheap Or Free 12. Positively Spendid 13. My Sister’s Suitcase 14. The 36th Avenue 15. Smitten By 16. The Idea Room 17. 4 Men 1 Lady 18. Girl Loves Glam 19. The Diva Dish 20. Entirely Eventful Day 21. Tatertots & Jello 22. Just A Girl 23. Dollar Store Crafts 24. The SITS Girls 25. Lolly Jane 26. Design Dazzle 27. My Insanity 28. Not Just A Housewife


Now let’s take a closer look at my basket!  My basket is based around a date post from The Dating Divas called Photobooth Fun.  If you aren’t my lucky winner then you can always recreate this basket with the props included on that post.  But be prepared: it will take you much longer to cut them all out than you think.  Not that I learned that from experience or anything….  ;)  OK, let’s take a look!!

Photo Booth Date Giveaway

If you win you get ALL of the things in this basket and even the basket itself!  Score.

Dating Divas Basket-14

Let’s start by looking at the actual photo booth props.  They are all precut for you and on sticks (or mega-cute polka dot straws in the case of the Valentine’s Day ones….cutest!).  I have them in bags to try to keep them safe and unbent on the trip through the mail.

Dating Divas Basket-15

One of the sets is based on Alice in Wonderland.  I love those hats!

Dating Divas Basket-16

The next set is based on Cinco De Mayo.  Ole!

Dating Divas Basket-12

Last, but not least, is the Valentine’s Day set.  SWEETEST!!  I simply love them!

Now let’s take a look at some of the extra props that I have made and/or included for you!

Dating Divas Basket-13

First of all, I whipped up a little bag for you to stuff all of your props into for easy toting.  For your necks I have included a sparkly red scarf and a hot pink boa.  I love a good boa in a photobooth, don’t you?

Dating Divas Basket-8 Dating Divas Basket-7

For your head I whipped up a very silly little red cap (like my Mr. Smee hat, as seen in our Family Peter Pan Costumes from last year).  I also made an INSANELY RIDICULOUS headband.  Even was shocked by its size and ridiculous nature!  And that is saying something!  (I sortof have an addiction to making “floofy” headbands for my daughter.  It’s true.)  I hope you get a kick out of it.  It’s my favorite additional prop in the basket because it is something that is really only acceptable in a photo booth.  ;)  Don’t believe me?  See the pic of me modeling it on Instagram.  Ridic, am I right??

Dating Divas Basket-9 Dating Divas Basket-10 Dating Divas Basket-11

I also decided to include a chalkboard for you to write messages on (which also made an appearance in my IG pic).  I make the chalkboard frame using THIS tutorial and blinged out the frame using THIS tutorial.  Don’t worry, chalk will be included!  :)

Dating Divas Basket-6

Finally, I threw in a bag of heart confetti (the photo booth people will just looooove that) ;) and 20 $1 bills, along with a website that will help you find a local photobooth.  Funnest!

Dating Divas Basket-5

Oh yes, and one last thing.  I believe that any gal on a special date with her guy deserves some special bling, don’t you?!  For that reason I have included a very Valentine-y pair of earrings from my jewelry shop, Bombshell Bling Jewelry.  They were made with sterling silver and Swarovski Crystals.  Pretty, pretty, and worth $40 to boot!

Heart Earrings

So HURRY—-enter below and then “hop” on over to enter to win all of the other unique date baskets!  Too fun!!

Dating Divas Basket-4

The giveaway ends at midnight on January 24, 2014, so don’t delay!


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    Just so that you know what I like best about yours is the chalk board. The earrings too are sweet but I am not much for bling.

    • Thank you, Cathy! I love the chalkboard as well. :) I think I need to make myself one! There was a problem with the entry tool, but it’s fixed, so be sure to come back and use it to enter if you didn’t already!

  10. HI! I can’t enter this hop! The RC is the wrong one – it’s says it is over??

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    I would really love to have the photo booth props! My whole family loves taking silly photos like that. It would be fun for the entire family and not just hubby and me :) Of course those earrings are beautiful too!!

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  104. We are stationed at Ft Bliss, Tx which is right on the US/Mexico border, so the Cinco de Mayo photo props would be so much fun for us to use!!! I love all the props though. We are getting ready to take our 1st family picture in 7 yrs due to deployments and moving, so I have been looking for unique ideas to make it fun and special!

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    I’m most excited that this photo booth set can be used by the whole family, and for more than one holiday.

    One of my favorite websites is We plan special family time around so many unconventional holidays because like you said, being intentional forces us to slow down the pace at which we’re going through life.

    And truly, what’s more fun than having a “Welay Waddle” on Penguin Day when you’re trying to balance an egg (rolled up socks) on your feet like a daddy penguin!

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    How cute is this!! I could even use some of these things for a shower I am throwing the end of the February. The bride so wanted a photo booth but couldn’t afford it and I could bless her with the props and my digital camera!

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  264. Maggie Seagraves says:

    The bag of heart confetti looks like it would be the most fun to play with! I adore confetti! Thank you for this opportunity!

  265. Ashli McKee says:

    The headbands are ridiculously adorable!

  266. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I signed up for emails, but when I click the email confirmation, it doesn’t activate for some reason? Is anyone else having problems?

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    What a great giveaway! Anything is fabulous!

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    This looks like way too much fun! Awesome!

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  275. Rachael C says:

    I love it all, but the earrings are fabulous!

  276. the boa looks so fun! my boys will LOVE it!

  277. Katy McKinnon says:

    Those cute earrings!

  278. Kristen L says:

    I will be wearing the feather boa, the heart shaped glasses….and not much else…haha!

  279. fawn strunk says:

    I actually love the boa the best

  280. Those beautiful earrings!!

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  285. The Bombshell Bling earrings are perfect!!

  286. i love the chalkboard

  287. I would wear the earrings on a fun date with my hubby!

  288. This bakset is super cute and very creative! I love the photobooth props! What a cute idea! If I’m lucky enough to win I am really looking forward to the earrings. They are beautiful!
    Thanks for doing this giveaway- I’m looking forward to exploring your blog, too!

  289. I am most excited about the boa!!! I LOVE using feather boas in photobooths!

  290. The feather boa! : )

  291. the mustaches!

  292. I love the headband, earrings and chalkboard!!! Everything is my favorite. <3! Thanks for the giveaway!

  293. Elizabeth H says:

    The headband of course. Such a neat basket.

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    I like the chalkboard

  295. I Love those earrings!

  296. Calise Zollinger says:

    I’m here from The dating divas! Great giveaways, I am so excited!

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    Looks like fun stuff….

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    I am most excited about the earrings!

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  315. Fun! I would love to have something fun this Valentine’s Day to spark a little romance.

  316. I am excited for the pink boa! So fun. The earrings are absolutely beautiful! What a fun basket, thanks for the chance to win! :)

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    I especially love the lips and mustache, I know they will be used for a few pictures for sure!

  318. Disa Daucsavage says:

    I love the earrings!

  319. Jesharelah says:

    Beautiful earrings – and (like everyone else) I love the boa.

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    Right up my alley! Great ideas!

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    Darling ideas!

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    I love all the photo booth props and the earrings are fabulous.

  332. This looks fun!

  333. Rachel C. says:

    I am most excited for the pink feather. Those are pretty much my go to in a photo booth, because they are silly yet super fun. And I grew up playing with the boas, so it always takes me back to the times of my cousins who were like sisters, where we would all get dressed up or chase after each other trying to tickle each other.

  334. tracy haar says:

    the earrings

  335. I’m most excited about the earrings, so cute! and all the photo booth props would be a blast with my daycare kids too!

  336. Melissa v says:

    The headbands!

  337. Looks like a fun date night! Cute boa. Thanks

  338. Sandy Lasher says:

    The boa, and lips would be a fun photo booth props!!

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  345. love the to add to every photo..and the heart glasses..too cute.. lots of work put into this!

  346. Lisa Kubin says:

    I love the photo booth props. They would be great fun to use for photos!
    Lisa K.

  347. The Cinco De Mayo ~ If I win it may inspire a party :)

  348. I love the earrings and scarf. :)

  349. Super excited about this creative basket!! I’d love to add some flirt to our date with that feather boa!!

  350. I think our photos would be fun with the boa, mustaches, and chalkboard. What a fun giveaway!

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  352. Becky Prasek says:

    The earrings are perfect. And those 20 one dollar bills. Tee hee! ;)

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  354. I always associated feather boas with good times.

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    This kind of giveaway is awesome! I would have never have found you! Great basket

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    Love this! I love photobooths!! (:

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    I would definitely wear the headband! Love those kind of things! Thanks for the giveaway!

  363. I love the chalkboard! And the Alice in Wonderland inspired props :)

  364. Festive fun! My birthday in Cinco de Mayo so that is fun to throw in the mix. Very lively!!

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  373. Carla Hundley says:

    How fun is your basket!
    I’d like to use the Valentine
    headband and tie on the
    red scarf! Thanks for the
    chance to win, looks
    way fun!
    Carla from Utah

  374. Flora M. R. says:

    I just got married this January 10th and I’d really really love to win this giveaway. My husband and i have been in a long distance relationship and this coming February will be our first Valentine to be spending physically together. This would just be an awesome thing to have because we’ll have a chance to have more pictures together and have fun. ^_^
    And aside from that the stuff are super awesome.. you are very creative.. i love doing crafty stuff too.. so this is super good!

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    The Alice in Wonderland props would be a great addition to the props I have for the queen.”off with their head”
    This would be so fun!

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    So excited! I’ve been wanting to do a photo booth forever, but I’m too cheap to buy props and too busy to make them! So winging this would be perfect! ;) Feather Boa here I come!

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  404. I think the ukele was really fun :)

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    Photo booth props are soooooo much fun!
    My little one will be quite entertained with his daddy!!!

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  413. Heather Braun says:

    What a great date idea! I haven’t been to a photobooth in FOREVER! I LOVE the earrings!

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    This is Darling, and I would love to have it !

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  438. Michelle Bowers says:

    The boa, earrings, and the chalkboard prop are my faves! This is such a fun idea! Even if I don’t win I may do something like this… it would be fun for me and the hubby…plus my daughter is such a little ham – she would have a blast!

  439. shantelle stately says:

    I love those earrings. They are adorable!

  440. I would love to win this! We don’t do big gifts for Valentine’s Day, usually just something homemade and some candy. This would make it extra fun!

  441. Sweet, sweet basket with such beautiful earrings.

  442. Toni Reis says:

    This is awesome,,, the kids would love it.

  443. I love the cinco de mayo set! I think my girls would have fun with it! I would love to do a mexican dinner and photo both with some friends and their kids!

  444. What a fun idea!

  445. Chalkboard and heart glasses!

  446. The Mexican Themed Photo Booth Accessories!

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  448. amanda goodenough says:

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  449. amanda goodenough says:

    What a great giveaway! id love to try out the boa!!!!!

  450. T.J. Wallace says:

    I’m excited about the earrings!

  451. I love this basket! We just got a new camera and we DO NOT do pictures an awful lot, but this would be a great starter kit to have some fun! Happy V-Day!

  452. Katie Call says:

    Would love to use the chalkboard to make creative phrases for a photo booth!

  453. Oh wow! Cool! Love it all! I think I’d be most excited to use the chalkboard, that is so cool. The Cinco De Mayo props are cool too, very creative!

  454. what a cute basket! i love the pink feather boa most.. but it’s really all so cute and fun looking.

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  456. Shannon B. says:

    That feather boa is the cutest!

  457. The boa and all the valentines props look fun!

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  459. The earrings are super cute and the photo props would be fun! A great basket for a date night at home with kiddos!!

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    Photo props are so much fun!!

  462. I would love to get an opportunity to spend with my loverface using this basket! I hope you have a lovely valentines day!!


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  464. Robin Creel says:

    Yay, how fun! Love the Alice in Wonderland glasses!

  465. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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  468. Rachel B. says:

    I’m most excited to win/wear those earrings! So pretty! I hope I win – thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  469. Feather boa for sure! Or I’ll make my husband wear that one…:)

  470. The earrings!

  471. The feather boa might come in handy later on after the kids go to bed! ;)

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  472. Stephanie says:

    Awsome! can’t wait

  473. My favorites are the red scarf and earrings.

  474. What an awesome giveaway and an amazing basket. Thanks!

  475. Rosemary R. says:

    The boa and bombshell bling jewelry! Thanks for the chance to win.

  476. I absolutely LOVE photobooths! The Valentines Day props are my fave, the headband prop is so adorable! Love it all!

  477. The masks and the boa are my favorite. What a great idea!

  478. Rachel Reeves says:

    The earrings are gorgeous! But, it all looks so fun, and the best part is that it is something I can do with my husband AND my kids!

  479. Cindy Ray says:

    I’m most excited about all the props they look like so much fun!

  480. Nitasha E says:

    Definitely the hot pink boa!

  481. I love the chalkboard and the earrings! What a fun idea! :)

  482. The cinco de Mayo set looks fun!

  483. Kortney Nelson says:

    all of it but definitely the mustache!

  484. What an amazing give away!!

  485. I love the chalkboard prop and conversation heart headband!! How fun are those!!!

  486. What a fun Giveaway!!

  487. Natalie Shapiro says:

    I love all the fun photo booth props! My favorite glasses!

  488. the boa!

  489. I’m OBSESSED with Alice in Wonderland. My best friend and I are planning an Alice Tea Party this spring. The props would be perfect.

  490. Paula Gardner says:

    The boa! Who hasn’t always secretly wanted a boa!

  491. the earrings are my fave!

  492. Those earing are very pretty.

  493. I love this! The headband is my favorite…if I could talk the hubby into trying it on for the picture!

  494. I love this whole thing! I <3 the boa and the headband! May have to make one for myself if I don't win.

  495. I absolutely love your photobooth date idea! I would be most excited to wear the sweetheart headbands! Adorable

  496. Katherine says:

    I like the boa. And the earrings, of course.

  497. the earrings and pink boa!

  498. I love the feather boa!! Love it!

  499. Wow! This is an amazing basket! Love those Earrings! Thanks for the chance to enter!!!

  500. The valentines’ booth!

  501. ambre wadsworth-thomas says:

    anything shiny! i love shiny things!

  502. I love giveaways!!!

  503. Yuchen Zhang says:

    Mustache!! and Boas! Perfect combo =P

  504. Hilary B. says:

    Super cute basket!!

  505. This is ADORABLE! I can see having so much fun with my hubby taking our own pics in a photo booth at home!!

  506. Awesome giveaway!

  507. I love the chalkboard sign. So cute!

  508. Props for sure!

  509. Erica Forkner says:

    I love the photo props!

  510. The BIG headband!

  511. So creative – love it!

  512. Hello, love the Cinco De Mayo stuff because that holiday hold a special place in my heart because it is my late father’s birthday and my husband plays the guitar and sports a handle bar mustache. So that is the set I’m most excited about. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  513. Love everything! The boa is amazing, and the earrings are so cute!

  514. The boa!!!

  515. The feather boa and prop glasses!!

  516. The earrings. They are beautiful!

  517. The boa!

  518. Nicole Oehme says:

    This is all so cute! I think the boa would be super cute and fun!

  519. The earrings are so pretty!

  520. Looks great!

  521. I like the chalkboard and the earrings the most!

  522. I like the boa and hat :) it’s fun to dress up in things that normally aren’t considered acceptable!

  523. I’m excited about the earrings.

  524. Thank you for the chance!

  525. I’m most excited to wear the beautiful earrings!

  526. I would have to try it all out!

  527. Rhonda Miller says:

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway. Thanks for a chance.

  528. Oh, I love the photo-booth props! Would put those to use year round!

  529. Great giveaway!

  530. I am so glad I stumbled on this I have enjoyed everything on this blog.

    I would love to win the photo props for a local place here that
    is set up as a home away from home for people who have family members in
    the hospital (Hunter hospitality house)
    How fun would this be to take there minds off their troubles!!!

    Looking forward to becoming a regular stalker.. I mean watcher!!!!

  531. the boa would be fun

  532. Thank you for your generosity! The earrings you created are beautiful!

  533. Dennis Mullins Sr says:

    I would love to win this awesome giveaway and I love the masks.. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  534. I love the chalkboard! Thanks! Happy Heart Day!

  535. The earrings and pink boa!

  536. Crystal Douglass says:

    the wonderland set.

  537. Cindy Leonard says:

    The floofy headband!

  538. LeAnn Matrazzo says:

    The item in the photo booth basket that I am most excited to use and wear is the pink boa. It will go perfectly with my new pink and black lingerie.

  539. Probably any of those glasses!

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  540. The earrings and the Boa. So much fun.

  541. I love the earrings!

  542. I love givaways! Yay! I hope I win!

  543. Elisabeth says:

    I’m pretty stoked about that headband! ;)

  544. The mustaches!

  545. I LOVE those earrings!

  546. Mindy Baumann says:

    What a creative, fun basket!!

  547. I’m excited about the glasses and mustaches!

  548. Amanda Jenson says:

    I just love all of it! Photo booths are my favorite!!!

  549. Brianna Wray says:

    Such an awesome basket!!! Love IT!

  550. Melissa Goyette says:

    I love photo booths!

  551. Debbie Griffin-Batchelor says:

    my husband and I would have sooooo much fun with this basket!!

  552. Terri Herman says:

    Not really sure I would use the photo props for myself, BUT I run a preschool and I would LOVE these to use for our Valentine photos! The children would look adorable and they would make a neat picture for our End-of-the-Year Books!

  553. What a fun date night! I love boa’s, and the chalkboard would be really fun and creative.

  554. I am excited about the mustaches!

  555. Laralyn Smith says:

    LOVE that gigantic headband. Totally made me smile just seeing it!

  556. Photo booths are so much fun!

  557. Allison Downes says:

    I am excited about the earrings. Thank you for the chance to win this!

  558. I love the conversation hearts!

  559. Shauna Knowlden says:

    I really like the Bombshell Bling Jewlery!

  560. Gotta love the feather boa!

  561. I am most looking forward to wearing those Bombshell crystal earrings! They are to die for! Love everything in your basket…great choices!

  562. I love the earrings! And the boa would be lots of fun too!

  563. I would be most excited about those earrings if I won! So cute!!

  564. It is all wonderful, but the hot pink feather boa! they are so much fun :)

  565. bekki tolman says:

    LOVE the earrings!

  566. I love the chalkboard…so cute :)

  567. So excited about this giveaway! It looks amazing!

  568. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says:

    Love the sparkly red scarf and hot pink boa!

  569. So cute, love the boa!

  570. Cris Zuba says:

    Plan on doing a photo booth for our Christmas card next year. Maybe I’ll just wait for Valentine’s Day!

  571. I love the boa and the chalkboard. So much fun!

  572. Love the earrings and Valentines photo booth props.

  573. The earrings are my favorite! Chalkboard is a close runner-up though. Who doesn’t love a chalkboard?

  574. Susan Chester says:

    I love the pretty earrings!

  575. We would love the photo props, because we love being silly!

  576. I’m loving the earrings and boa.

  577. The sets of props are so fun!

  578. I would be SOOOO excited to wear that heart headband!! Too adorable!

  579. I love the phot booth idea!

  580. Sue Anderson says:

    Great basket!!! This would be so fun! Thanks! :)

  581. Those photo props are great! Would be awesome to take pics of my twins using them ;) Thanks!!

  582. A photo booth looks way fun!

  583. I’m excited about the basket (because I love baskets!) and the earrings.

  584. Betsy Barnes says:

    I am most excited to wear the feather boa! All the props look like fun :)

  585. Elizabeth says:

    How exciting!!

  586. I would like to wear the scarf. Love that some of the items are able to be used beyond Valentines Day!

  587. Debbie Phipps says:

    What a variety. Love, love, love!

  588. Lynn Randolph says:

    Love everything!!!

  589. Susan Smith says:

    I’ll be wearing that feather boa

  590. Susan Paxton says:

    I love it all!! Especially the earrings!!

  591. Suzanne T. says:

    All the props look fun, but I’m most excited about the earrings!

  592. So fun! I would love to win this!

  593. This is such a cool idea :)

  594. The boa and scarf look like a lot of fun.

  595. Bree Tinch says:

    It all looks fun. I like the chalkboard.

  596. I love the Alice in Wonderland props. Such a great idea. All of the props would make great photos that my family could cherish. Thanks for the chance.

  597. I love the chalkboard and the Alice in Wonderland props.

  598. I love the basket. The earrings are my favorite.

  599. Love the headbands!!!

  600. Photo FUN!!!

  601. I love the fun headbands!!

  602. Super cute! I love it! I love the idea of photobooth hopping on Valentine’s Day. And we’ll have tons of memorabilia for life!!

  603. Oh and I am most excited to wear the earrings!! (And it was SO hard to choose which one so I am also excited for the headband and boa!)

  604. Beth Wolfe says:

    Looks amazing, My husband built us a photo booth for our wedding,

  605. Terra Heck says:

    I’m most excited about the hot pink boa. It’d be fun to take photos with. Thanks.

  606. Fun props! Never thought of a photo booth date theme but it’s great. Those earring are lovely. Thank you for taking part in the blog hop, they are always so much fun.

  607. Starla Bates says:

    I am most excited about the beautiful earrings you made. I also want to find a photo booth to use that confetti ;)

  608. heather L says:

    Love the photo booth props… LOVE!

  609. What a fun idea! Thanks for the chance!

  610. I LOVE this date idea!

  611. miranda carpenter says:

    Love love love the creativity. So awesome.

  612. Pinterest led me here. I will be spending way too much time here now! Awesome contest!

  613. I love this entire idea….what a fun date night

  614. This giveaway seems so fun and live-in-the-moment inspired! I’m most excited about the earrings. They look so dainty and the have the right touch of femininity to them. You could wear them anywhere.

  615. Sheree Hartung says:

    I have a photo booth, so these props would be a great addition!

  616. I love those earrings!

  617. Love the chalkboard.

  618. Stephanie Grant says:

    I love the hot pink boa!!!!

  619. joanna miller says:

    Love this!!:)

  620. DESIREE H says:

    I love the bag that you have to put all of the stuff in!

  621. I know that my husband & I would have a blast with this cute idea!!! Fingers cross we win!

  622. The chalk board! It is adorable!!!

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    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

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  762. Jacqueline Garza says:

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