Triple Stack Pearl Earring Tutorial

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings from Craft Quickies - So beautiful for a bride or for a Mother's Day gift! As most of you know, I am a jewelry designer.  You can find my jewelry on sale in my Etsy shop, Bombshell Bling Jewelry.  Around this time of year I get a lot of pearl earrings being ordered for wedding parties.  This year I even have an entire wedding party for whom I am custom designing jewelry!  It is so exciting!

Angie from Country Chic Cottage reached out to a group of bloggers about participating in a weeklong series on handmade wedding tutorials, and I knew just what I would do a tutorial on: my triple stack pearl earrings.  These are my pearl best sellers.  In fact, I just sent off about 12 pairs of them in white and green not long ago for a bridal party.  They are classic but with a unique twist, and you can use any color of pearl to make them.  I think you are going to enjoy this tutorial.  Let’s get started.

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 8

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 1

Gather up the following tools and supplies:

*  six freshwater pearls
*  four eyepins
*  two earring prongs
*  round nosed pliers**
*  wire snips**
*  flat nosed pliers (optional)**

**These jewelry tools can be found at any bead shop or on the jewelry aisle of a large craft supply store.  If you are serious about jewelry making buy nice ones at a bead shop.  If you are just doing it for fun every once in a while or just getting started and want to be sure that you like it first you can find cheap kits at large craft stores.  Be sure to use a coupon!

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 2

Put your pearls onto the eyepins.  Two eyepins will have one pearl on each of them and the other two eyepins will have two pearls on each of them, as shown above.

(Note: Sometimes pearls have incredibly thin holes, so it will be safest if you buy thin eyepins if you have the option.  If you are ordering online I would look for 20 gauge at the most.  22 or 24 would be even safer.  Don’t stress out over what I am saying.  It’s not worth it.)

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 3

Take your round nosed pliers and clasp them just above the pearl.

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 4

Now bend the eyepin to the side, as shown above.

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 5

Now bend the eyepin wire back over the top of the round nosed pliers, as shown above.

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 6

This is the step where I use the flat nosed pliers.  You do not need them.  You can do it with your fingers, as I used to do.  It just find that it is much faster and easier to use the pliers, and I get a tighter wrap.

Still tightly clasping the round nosed pliers in one hand, use the flat nosed pliers in your other hand (or your hand itself) to grasp the eyepin wire and wrap it under the pearl, as shown above.  STILL clasping the wire with the flat nosed pliers, wrap the wire several times around the eyepin so that the loop is tightly closed, as shown below.

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 7

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 9

Now use your wire snips to snip off the end of the eyepin.  Repeat with each eyepin so that you have four separate, closed pieces.

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 10

Now it is time to put your pieces together.  Use your pliers (flat nosed are easiest by far, but round nosed will work) to gently pull open the open eyepin end of your SINGLE PEARL units.  I usually gently pull it a tad to the side.

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 11

Hook your open loop through the twisted closed loop on the TWO PEARL units, as shown above.  Now use your pliers to gently push the loop back into the tightly closed position so that your earrings don’t fall apart while you are wearing them.

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings 12

Use the same technique to gently open your earring prong loop and hook the finished earring to the earring prong.  Be sure to gently move the loop back to the closed position so that your earring doesn’t fall off of the earring prong!

Triple Stack Pearl Earrings from Craft Quickies

You are finished!  Can you believe how easy that was?  And so pretty!  You can use any color or even different shapes of pearls to make this style of earring.  Below are some pictures and links of some of the options that I currently have in my shop, Bombshell Bling Jewelry.  

Triple Stack Pearl Earring Collage

Pink pearls!  Green pearls!  Black pearls!  Miniature purple pearls!  Classic white pearls!  Uniquely shaped white pearls!

If you make any for yourself, your BFF, your sister, or any other wedding party please let me know!  I would love to think I had helped inspire others to learn how to create jewelry!  And, of course, you can always contact me about custom orders.  I love to create jewelry of all kinds!  Below are a couple of examples of my pearl Signature Necklaces.  I am currently sold out, but I would love to create a custom necklace, especially for a bride!

I can be contacted about jewelry at

Bombshell Bling Jewelry 1

Bombshell Bling 1

 Be sure to check out the rest of the ideas over on Country Chic Cottage’s DIY Wedding Ideas Week!

Country Chic Cottage


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Sarah is the scattered creative mind behind Bombshell Bling. A former elementary school teacher and a current stay-at-home mom, she loves developing her creativity through her blog and her jewelry design business, Bombshell Bling Jewelry. Sarah is a lover of all things vintage, colorful, and BLING. She is also a sweets addict with a major obsession with s'mores.
Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah Westover McKenna


  1. Susie says

    So pretty! Lovely earrings that are quick and easy to make. Thank you for sharing your design. Your wedding party will look extra special wearing the jewelry you design for them.

  2. says

    These are so pretty! Great tutorial by the way, too! I am pretty familiar with jewelry making, but you made it easy enough for someone who has never made earrings before. :)


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