Punk Rock Baby Headband

Punk Rock Baby Headband from Bombshell Bling

As my few longtime followers know, I have a major problem when it comes to baby headbands.  Could NOT stop making them before my daughter had hair, which was quite a long time.  The little princess is now two and usually wears pigtails, but until she was about 18 months old she didn’t have a bit of hair, so she was rocking a headband daily — usually a very flashy headband!  In fact, I made her so many headbands that I have to store them in a big basket!  I may have a problem…..  😉  Need proof?  You got it:

Baby Headbands Galore from Craft Quickies

That’s not even all of them.  Not even close!  In case you’re interested, here are the tutorial links starting at the upper lefthand corner going clockwise:  Tinkerbell Costume Headband (No tutorial, sorry…that actually fell off of her late Halloween night somewhere in Disneyland Park and I just didn’t have it in me to make another one.), Purple Shabby Heart Headband, Fancy Vintage Inspired Headband Felt Chrysanthemum HeadbandEasy Peasy Spring Flower HeadbandGlamourous Silk Flower HeadbandElegant Felt Poinsettia Headband, Red Shabby Heart Headband, Romantic Winter Headband, Minnie Mouse Headband (I think this one is my favorite!), Glamourous Silk Flower Headband, Feathered Grinchy Headband

Today I am going to share with you one of my most outrageous creations, my punk rock baby headband.  I made it to coordinate with an outrageous zebra stripe and hot pink twirly skirt that my sister made for my little lady as a gift.  I had totally forgotten that I had it filed away to share, and now seemed like the perfect time to roll it out!  Let’s get started!

Punk Rock Baby Headband-16

Listed below are the supplies that you will need in order to make this headband.  I got most of them from my favorite online shop, Fleuriste Craft Supply, other than the feather puff, which I found at Hobby Lobby.

Punk Rock Baby Headband-2

*  zebra striped foldover elastic (1 yard is plenty)
skull applique
*  two rhinestone buttons
*  two black rolled fabric flowers (can be made using THIS tutorial)
*  hot pink feather puff
*  hot glue gun
*  scissors
*  a small square of felt

Punk Rock Baby Headband-3

Start by measuring your baby’s head.  Subtract two inches off of the measurement and cut that amount of fold over elastic.  Hot glue the ends together.  (Truly!  You can sew them, but glue works just fine.)

Punk Rock Baby Headband-5

Use black fabric and hot glue to roll three slightly different sized rosettes.

Punk Rock Baby Headband-6

The feather puff is the base of your headband decoration.  Glue the rosettes on top of the feather puff.  Glue the rhinestone buttons on top of the rosettes.

Punk Rock Baby Headband-7

Glue the skull appliqué on top of the rhinestones and flowers to finish off the ridiculousness.

Punk Rock Baby Headband-8

Glue the elastic (the overlapping, glued ends) right to the back of the feathery creation.  Now take a small square of felt and glue it on top of that elastic to seal the elastic firmly to the feathery creation.

Punk Rock Baby Headband-14

Ta da!  All done!  Let’s see it in action, shall we?

Punk Rock Baby Headband-11 Punk Rock Baby Headband-10 Punk Rock Baby Headband-12 Punk Rock Baby Headband-13

Isn’t she precious?

Punk Rock Baby Headband-15

Sarah Westover McKenna
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Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah Westover McKenna

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