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I LOVE this Mickey Mouse Placemat & Activity Mat idea from Toni at Design Dazzle.  Toni is my online buddy, and she has an AMAZING blog full of fabulous stuff for kids and families.  We are talking kid room ideas, parties, activities, crafts, and more!  She is SOO talented!  Be sure to check out her site!



Thank you Sarah for inviting me to be a part of Show Your #DisneySide week! LOVE all things Disney – so this is quite a treat! My name is Toni and I blog at Design Dazzle. I share ideas and inspiration for celebrating childhood. Make sure to come by and visit my blog!

Are you planning on throwing a Mickey or Minnie Mouse party? We have come up with the cutest and coolest Mickey Mouse party placemat – which also serves as an activity mat. On one side you have the placemat with the guests name and a Mickey Mouse head shape. You could add a bow to make it Minnie! The other side is a Mickey Mouse silhouette that becomes an activity mat. Guests can draw with wipe-off markers, fill in the outline with play dough, or finger paint on the activity mat. This is such a great idea is because it can all wipe off in the end. Roll it up and stick it in the party favor bag for guests to take home.


-Red Paper: One per guest

-White Paper: One per guest

-Black with white polka dot wrapping paper

-Circle templates One for the the head and one for the ears of Mickey

-Glue Stick


-Contact paper


Time: 10 minutes per placemat


how to make a Miceky Mouse template - Design Dazzle

1. Trace the circle templates to look like Mickey Mouse’s head on a scratch piece of paper. As you can see, we found items in our kitchen for our templates ( a teacup saucer and cup lid worked). Make that a template for the rest of the project.

2. Trace enough of the Mickey’s head on the inside of the polka dot wrapping paper for each placemat. Cut them out.

3. Glue the polka dot Mickey Mouse head cut out to the red paper. We used scrapbooking paper so it was thick, you can also use construction paper.

4. Write the guests names on the red paper. We chose the right bottom corner. We also found a Disney font online to give us an idea of how to write the names.

how to make a Mickey Mouse activity mat - Design Dazzle

5. BACKSIDE of the place mat is the activity mat. On white paper trace the Mickey template with a pencil first and then trace over the pencil with the black sharpie to make it bold. Then glue the white paper to the back of the red paper with a glue stick. The markers shown in the image are for the kids to draw and wipe-off on the activity mat.

Design Dazzle

6. Cut the contact paper so that there would be an inch border around the place mat left over. There will be two squares of contact paper.


7. Roll the contact paper into a tube the opposite way (of the natural curl) and then lay flat. Peel the sheet off so the sticky side is facing up, laying flat on the table. TRUST me you’ll want to have the contact paper in a stationary spot. Place the sheet with the squares underneath to help us center the place mat on the contact paper. You can even place a dot the with a sharpie on the “throw away” square to help center the place mat.

9. Finish the other side of the place mat with the other sheet of contact paper. You now have two “laminated” sides – front and back. Trim edges for finish.


You can make play dough that is either red or yellow for Mickey colors that kids can fill in the Mickey shape on back. This would be a great pre-party activity for the guests to participate in until all the guests arrive or a great favor to play with after the party.

Cheap dollar store markers serve as great dry erase markers on the contact paper. Dark marker colors can stain.

There are so many different sensory things you could do with the activity mats during the party. And the best part is that the place mat and activity mat has many purposes. I just love when there are so many uses with one project.

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Thank you for sharing your darling idea, Toni!  I will definitely be making one of these mats for my Minnie loving littl girl!  Be sure to check out the rest of the Disney Week tutorials and enter to win $150 to the Disney Store!

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