Looking Stylin’ with the Old Navy’s Kids & Baby Sale

Looking Stylin' with the Old Navy Kids & Baby Sale from Craft Quickies 1 Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a baby-clothes-aholic.  It’s true.  I can’t stop buying baby clothes.  At least not when I see them at rock bottom prices.  And we all know that I can’t stop MAKING baby clothes or accessories, either.  I am such a sucker for baby clothes.  I have problems.  In fact, the other day my dad mentioned upon seeing Jade come downstairs for church in a fabulous princess dress that sometimes he thought that giving me free rent was enabling my crack-cocaine addiction to baby clothes.  Harumph!  But, then again, maybe it’s true…..

Old Navy is one of my favorite places to get clothes for my kiddos.  Everything is super hip, and it is SO DANG CHEAP!  And really, what more can you ask?!

So, when I was offered the opportunity to shop at Old Navy and tell you all about the sale I jumped at it!  I was already going to go to this sale anyway!  Shopping: Here I come!

Looking Styling' with the Old Navy Kid & Baby Sale
My kids and I had so much fun shopping this sale.  Jade chewed on colorful jellies, I oohed and ahhed at all of the leggings, and Callum found a Luke Skywalker t-shirt that I am now having a very difficult time getting him to remove.  Rascal.  Check out the fun things we spotted!  Little boy skinny jeans for only $10, the new line of swimsuits, little girl leggings for an amazing $5 each, and so many killer shoes that I lost track of them all!  Oh, and do you see that sign in the upper righthand corner?  Take an ADDITIONAL 30% off clearance prices?!  Um…..yes, please.  Now Mama gets to shop, too!  :)  (I’m not sure how long that particular deal is around for, so I’d hurry in if I were you!)

Old Navy 12
Check out the stash we made it home with.  Pretty awesome, right?  And they are even cuter ON!  Check it out.

Old Navy 9

Someone around here is obsessed with Star Wars, so when he spotted this Luke Skywalker shirt he insisted that was what he wanted to buy for himself.  (And I insisted on the dark skinny cut jeans.)  And then last week at preschool the mom helping with the Valentine’s Day party asked him what his name was and he responded “Luke Skywalker.”  He cracks me up!

Old Navy 8

Old Navy 6

Killer jacket, right?!  Sorry, not at Old Navy right now.  It’s from last fall’s collection at Old Navy’s sister store, Baby GAP.

Old Navy 11

Other current 3-year-old obsessions around here include superheroes, pirates, animals, and dragons.  So, naturally, we had to have the animal superhero jammies.  Cutest!

Now on to the Princess Pat.  Let’s be honest: most of what I bought was for her.  But much of it doesn’t fit quite yet, so she is only modeling two outfits for you.

Outfit #1 is a fabulous, super comfortable color-blocked dress that I found in the clearance area.  Score.  You can’t see them well, but she is wearing some faux-suede fringed boots that I got at Old Navy last fall.  I’m not sure if we have ever gotten more compliments on an item of her clothing before.  She wears those boots everywhere, and every day a stranger gushes about those tiny fringed boots.

Old Navy 5

 (I made the headband and the necklace.)

Outfit #2 is showcasing this unbelievable purple skirt, also which I found on clearance.  It looks darling when she is sitting and it’s “poofed” around her or when she’s standing and showing off the ruffles.  (The standing is a new skill—can you tell that she is QUITE pleased with herself?!)  I got those silver ballet flats at Old Navy when I was pregnant.  I told you.  I have problems.  But with sales and prices like this how can I help myself?!

Old Navy 3

Old Navy 2

(Once again, I made the headband and the necklace.)

So hurry to the Old Navy Kids & Baby Sale today while these deals last!  And if you have a little girl then come back here for tutorials on how to make all of the fabulous accessories that your little lady will need to go with her dynamite new wardrobe!  Happy shopping!

{I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.  In fact, let’s be perfectly honest: I spent the full budget from this campaign plus the amount of payment I received plus $10 of my own money.  I’ve got problems, people.}

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