Hand Stitched Note Cards

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Hand-Stitched Cards

I am so excited about the project that I have to share with you today!  I used to be very into paper crafting: scrapbooking, card making, the whole nine yards.  However, when jewelry making was introduced into my life paper crafts went out the window.  I am excited to say that paper is sneaking its way back into my heart and into my crafty repertoire.  Today’s paper craft post will show you how to make very simple hand stitched note cards using the awesome new embroidery kits from American’s Craft’s new Amy TangerinePlus One line of products.  I was so pleasantly surprised by how the note cards turned out, and by how simple the process was using these awesome tools!  I’m so pumped that I got to get a sneak peek of the new line!

Here’s a peek at what was included in my fun package of Amy TangerinePlus One items.  The paper!  The stickers!  The embellishments!  The tiny clothespins!  THE SUPER SKINNY WASHI TAPE—-AAAAAA!!!!!  I die.

Hand Stitched Cards-1 Hand Stitched Cards-2 Hand Stitched Cards-4

Aside from my wild obsession with that washi tape the thing that intrigued me the most in that box of pure joy was the embroidery kit.

Hand Stitched Cards-3

I’ve never been much of a needlework gal, but the idea of monogramed note cards stuck with me.  I knew that I had recently grabbed a pack of blank note cards from the Target Dollar Spot that would be perfect for this project.  Let me show you how it went down.

Hand Stitched Cards-6

Line the embroidery guide card up where you would like it on your note card and use the provided tool to poke holes in the paper over the little mat, which was also provided.  Now you are ready to sew!

Hand Stitched Cards-7

Using the embroidery floss from the kit I just started stitching.  As far as I could tell, you are just supposed to stitch around the outside once and then make another lap around, filling in the every-other spots that were previously empty.  Very technical language, I know.

Hand Stitched Cards-8

Once I outlined my S I tied off the original thread and did a stitch down the middle in pink for fun.  I love that color combo.

Hand Stitched Cards-9

To finish off my card I simply added some of the teeny tiny washi tape.  Swoon.

Hand Stitched Cards-10

I love it, don’t you?  I made a couple of other cards as well.

Hand Stitched Cards-11

I used another stencil on the embroidery kit to make diagonal lines in fun citrus colors.  This was even simpler than the letter to complete!

Hand Stitched Cards-14

Finally, I outlined an M (which was a bit tricky actually . . . look at the stencil while you are stitching to ensure that you are using the right holes.  I chose not to stitch in the center of the M, but rather to use the teeny tiny washi tape to fill in the center.

Hand Stitched Cards-12 Hand Stitched Cards-13

My final products . . . what do you think?

Hand Stitched Cards-15

I need to get my hands on the other Amy TangerinePlus One embroidery kit now, don’t you think??  I love the idea of doing this with fun shapes and pictures!


Now let’s get down to business.  How can YOU get your hands on these bad boys, and what all is available?  The Amy Tangerine Plus One paper craft collection is going to be available on HSN next week on March 24.  The Plus One collection had been one of the top selling winter 2014 signature lines from American Crafts, so it is sold out in most stores and online.  The collection will be available in five discounted bundles starting at just under $20, including the embroidery kit (highlighted above, an embellishment kit and a stamping kit.  And ALSO . . . for fellow Project Life fans . . . the sold out Plus One Project Life Mini Kit will also be available at a discounted rate!!!  Ack!!  Count me in on that!!  (I am super obsessed with PL, but only newly so.  You may remember that I did a post trying it out last year.  I just bought a ton of kits when Archiver’s was going out of business, so now I need to get busy with them!)

What will YOU be crafting up with your new Amy Tangerine Plus One kits?!

Hand Stitched Notecards by Bombshell Bling

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  1. Crystal Nell says

    I love it!!! It is so fun, super cute, and the possibilities are endless. I’ll definitely be getting a kit. Thanks so much for introducing the kit. So much fun!! Can’t wait :)

  2. says

    Such a fantastic idea!! I got the same stencils in my kit…can’t wait to do this to some cards, too!! I love how you alternated the colors of the thread with your diagonal line one…so clever!! This stuff is such a blast to work with!

  3. says

    Funny enough I had no idea what that embroidery kit was for in the package but now I am so excited to try it out! Thanks for the brilliant idea Sarah.

  4. Jennifer Day says

    I love that you used different colored threads! It shows the versatility of the embroidery kit. Wonderful job! I would love to get a card like that from you :)

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