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Welcome to another month of the Family Adventure Series!  Last month’s theme was Dr. Seuss, and I shared printable bookmarks, Cat in the Hat inspired popsicles, a One Fish Two Fish inspired preschool math game, a Dr. Seuss baby quilt, and a giant Seussy roundup.  Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!  This month I thought the theme should be Disney because yesterday I posted a DISNEYLAND TRIP GIVEAWAY!!!!  Yes, that’s right, a free trip to DISNEYLAND!!!  Waahoooo!!!!!!  Be sure to enter!  (The giveaway closes on 6/30/2014.)

In the past I have done a Minnie Mouse Week and a Disney Week, so I actually already have quite a few Disney themed posts already, from parties to crafts.  For that reason, I thought that this week instead of sharing more crafts for mom to make I would share some kid friendly activities and ideas.  Here is the first one: Disney Pictionary.

Disney Pictionary

We played Disney Pictionary last night for family night, and it was a HUGE hit with our four year old.  I was really surprised by how good he was at both drawing the pictures and recognizing the movies from our pictures.  I think perhaps we watch a tad too many movies…..  😉

Disney Pictionary - 2

So proud of his dalmation…..cutie.

To play Disney Pictionary you don’t need much!  All you need is paper, a writing utensil, and a list of movies or characters.  I am sharing the lists that I have made.  They each have 45 movies or characters on them.  They are not all-inclusive I am sure, especially the characters list, but they are what I came up with.  Feel free to add or take out titles or names as you desire.

Download the movie title list HERE.  (Both Disney and Disney/Pixar movies are included.)
Download the character list HERE.  (Both Disney and Disney/Pixar characters are included.)

Now just play the way that the classic game of pictionary is played!  Take turns drawing titles or characters and drawing them until your teammates can pick them.  If you have enough people you can split into teams and time the drawings, as you would with the board game.  Since we were playing with small children we chose to just have everyone guess and no score keeping so it was just a fun family night activity.

Disney Pictionary - 3

Little sis kept screaming that it was her turn and just scribbling. She was quite pleased with herself. :)

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more Disney inspired fun!

Disney Pictionary - 1

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