Fabulous Jewelry . . . For a Cause!

Black Friday is coming up, as we all know.  I’m sure there are a few women on your list to whom you would like to give a truly amazing gift.  I would ask you to consider skipping the huge chain store sales and consider some handmade jewelry.

Over at my jewelry shop, Bombshell Bling Jewelry,  I am running a fundraiser for Recycling for Hope (http://www.facebook.com/RecyclingForHope), an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that is located in Gulu, Uganda.  Recycling for Hope’s mission is to plant seeds of environmental responsibility and to create jobs for local Ugandans through education and collection efforts to gather and recycle plastic water bottles, plastic bags, and paper.

Each item of jewelry involved in the fundraiser was made by and purchased directly from Ugandan women in Gulu, Uganda.  There was no middle man involved!  And I am thrilled to inform you that 100% OF THE PROCEEDS WILL BE GOING STRAIGHT BACK TO UGANDA VIA RECYCLING FOR HOPE!  So cool, right?!

Each colorful, hand-rolled bead is unique, and they come together in such a stunning way!  Come check out the bracelets, baby headbands, and, most of all, the necklaces!  They are sure to go fast, so hurry quickly!

To see this beautiful jewelry, simply head here.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah is the scattered creative mind behind Bombshell Bling. A former elementary school teacher and a current stay-at-home mom, she loves developing her creativity through her blog and her jewelry design business, Bombshell Bling Jewelry. Sarah is a lover of all things vintage, colorful, and BLING. She is also a sweets addict with a major obsession with s'mores.
Sarah Westover McKenna
Sarah Westover McKenna

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