Easter Egg Hunt Printable

Easter Egg Hunt Printable

Today’s Easter Egg Hunt Printable is brought to you by a new member of the Bombshell Bling team: the lovely and talented Kristin from The Simple Perks.

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I have loved having Angela as a contributor so much that I have decided to expand my team, and I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to the new team members that I have been gathering!  Kristin is an Etsy shop owner with a simple, clever pritnable style that I just love, and I am THRILLED that she accepted my request to become part of my team!  I know that you are going to love what she has to share.  For now Kristin will be sharing a free printable here once a month, so you can look forward to that!

Today’s printable is a sweet, simple Easter Egg Hunt printable.  Isn’t it sweet?  I love the simplicity of it.  You can keep it simple with a simple frame, as Kristin did, or you could jazz it up with a custom decorated frame.  I think I will use it as part of a new display on my Easter Mantel.

Easter Egg Hunt Printable Proof


Before you go I want to show you a few things from Kristin’s Etsy shop, The Simple Perks.  Here are just a few of her creations that jumped out to me as must-shares.


I love this C.S. Lewis quote, and I LOVE the print that Kristin has made for it!!  Perfection!  I love the colors, the graphics, the placement—all of it!  Switch out tea for hot chocolate and it could be this bookworm’s motto of life!


This monogrammed stationary is so simple, yet so elegant.  Love it!  Perfect for thank you notes, weddings, whatever!  Customizable to use your own initial, of course!


I love this printable because it looks classy and springy….but then you realize it’s a quote from the Hanson song MMMBop.  Hahahaha!!!  As someone who was very into that song in its heyday it makes me giggle.  And it’s perfect for spring!  Give it to someone classy or serious like your mother-in-law and then giggle when you see it on her wall—I dare you!  :)

Thank you for the Easter Egg Hunt printable, Kristin!  I can’t wait to see what you have for us next month!


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