Disney Couples Happily Ever After Free Printable

The next guest post comes from the hilarious twin sisters behind the blog Lolly Jane.  These girls are the LIFE of the party, and UBER talented to boot!!  They are a joyful presence in the blog world, and everyone—and I mean EVERYONE—loves them!  I know you will too!  So, without further ado, I give you the Lolly Jane twins and their Disney Couples Happily Ever After Free Printable.  


Hi BB friends! We are twin sisters Kristi & Kelli of Lolly Jane, our eclectic DIY/craft blog, and we’re just thrilled to be a part of Disney Week here on Bombshell Bling!


We are suckers for a good love story, which is why we adore Disney movies… especially the flicks that have action AND adventure, with a little flirting and romance, of course! 😉 Because we’re both living our own happily ever afters with our “prince charmings” we thought it would be fun to mix in the classic Disney couples on paper to print, too. Inspired by Lacey Fields cute print, here’s our own “happily ever after” set:

Happily Ever After art. FREE 8x10 printable in 6 color options! #disney Available in 6 color options >> FREE download

Simple and sweet, it is perfect in a chunky frame or even printed on thick card stock and hung with a clip, displayed in your bedroom or on a card to give away to a fellow Disney lover!

Free Disney "happily ever after" print #disney

We were dyiiiing to include Kristoff + Anna on this list from Frozen but they don’t ever have the official Disney kiss… we’re hoping there’s a sequel! 😉 Anyway we hope you enjoy our Disney printable and be sure to pop by our FB, Insta or Pinterest for more free printables, DIY tips and tricks, furniture revamps, crafts and more! 😉

A big thanks to sweet Sarah for including us in this fun Disney series! Muah! XOXO




Thanks to the talented Lolly Jane sisters for stopping by today with their darling printable!  Be sure to check out the rest of the Disney Week tutorials and enter to win $150 to the Disney Store!

Disney Week

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  1. lara jane says

    What?! Kristoff & Anna *do* kiss! It’s right after she gives him the sleigh! Trust. I’ve watched it a dozen or two times since December. (Never mind that my kids are not the target demographic!)
    Also, no Snow White? The first Disney romance, not counting Mickey & Minnie!

      • lara jane says

        haha! Of course! There are so many!

        I don’t know that I can convince my DH to allow this in our bedroom (I’m from CA and he’s from AR and has never been to Disney nor does he understand my obsession with it!), but I will work on him! 😉

  2. lara jane says

    Also, *Eugene! Proper fangirls do not call him Flynn.
    *My 14yo son is actually the one who pointed out the error! Haha! Raising him right. (He loves Tangled and Frozen, just don’t tell anyone!)

  3. says

    Hahaha Lara Jane! DYING at your comments- too funny!! Okay I am totally willing to modify it but have 2 questions: 1) What is Snow White’s princes name? 2) Would people know if I had it say Eugene & Rapunzel that Eugene is Ryder?? LMK 😀 xo

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