Butterfly Wall Collage

I am always looking around my craft room for things that I already have that I can transform.  This project is one of those that we all probably have the supplies needed.  Scrape paper, picture frame, paint and glue, how easy is that??

Amy from Idea Room made this for her daughter’s room with the original idea from Ali Edwards.  You could change it up by making hearts, or any shape that you like.  The alphabet would be really cute.  Instead of scrape paper you could use paint chips.


How to make this here



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  1. Emily says

    Love this! I just wanted to add this is a fun project to do with little budding artists. My version was with watercolor paper. I let my then 2.5 year old daughter paint whatever she wanted on the paper. Let it dry, then used a butterfly hole puncher, to cut out the butterflies. The different colors and stroke marks made the butterflies come alive. No 2 butterflies looked alike. A year later it is hanging in her room, on a pink, framed canvass, and she is still proud of it. :)

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