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Sarah Westover McKenna:
Mama, Blogger, Singer, Loud Laugher, Historical Fiction Reader, Jewelry Designer, Funny Sitcom Enthusiast, Halloween Fanatic, S’mores Addict, Bling Lover

Welcome to Bombshell Bling, my online home-away-from-home.

This blog started as a project of Courtney O’Dell (of Sweet C’s Designs) and her mother.  They recruited myself and one other friend to search out quality, quick tutorials around the web and showcase them once or twice a week.  I was very, very wary of committing to doing even that much!  But then I discovered that I enjoyed having a reason to surf blogs more often.  And then I decided to try posting one tutorial.  And that is when I got HOOKED.  I just LOVED having a reason to create.  I love, love, love crafting and using my creativity, but as a mom I didn’t often allow myself to take the time to do those things.  It seemed unnecessary, or even irresponsible, to take the time to sit down and make something beautiful.  But you know what?  I missed that creative side of myself, even though I didn’t realize it!  I needed this blog.  I could never thank Courtney enough for recruiting me to this blog.  It has truly changed my life.  And here is why:

Although this blog is often extremely time consuming and stressful, it has been very therapeutic for me to be creating and forcing myself to make time to do the things that I love as I have battled postpartum depression, which, unfortunately, is something that has hit me with extremely serious force after each of my pregnancies.  I have struggled with clinical depression for most of my life, and I take my depression struggles very seriously.  I have recruited the help of doctors and family and friends, but having the “excuse” of this blog to create and do something that I want to do has helped my recovery and coping process so, so very much.  I never imagined how much it could help.  What a blessing!  Thank you for supporting me and this blog by reading, commenting, Pinning, and, most importantly, creating by using my tutorials!  Please be sure to email or share pictures with me  when you use my tutorials and designs.  Nothing makes me smile bigger than to see one of my tutorials recreated!

Aside from this blog, my life is a busy but happy one.  I am the wife of a sensitive and jolly general surgery resident (seriously….there are a few nice surgeons out there).  :)  His schedule stinks and the journey we have been on together for his education and career have been long and often brutal, but I still feel blessed to be his partner in crime.  We will celebrate nine years of marriage in December 2013.

My hubby and I met when we were both serving as Young Performing Missionaries for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I fell in love with his beautiful baritone singing voice.  Swoon.  We love performing together and did quite a bit of summer theater and community theater together before we had children and before he was in medical school.  Ah, the carefree, good old days….  ;)  Now we settle for singing duets together at church and lullabies to our kids at night.

Prior to having my children, I taught elementary school for several years.  Most of my time was spent teaching third grade.  No doubt you can see the dorky elementary school teacher in me when you look at all of the kid clothes, tutorials, and activities that I have on this blog.  I collect children’s books and I am passionate about literacy and education.

I am now a part-time blogger and jewelry designer and a full-time stay-at-home mom.  My four year old boy is a wild, imaginative little guy who is a different character or animal each day.  I love watching his imagination at work and I love it when I am sewing at the table and he is “crafting” next to me, a.k.a. playing with playdough or painting.  My dad says my son lives in a dream world.  I agree completely, and I couldn’t be more delighted about it!  My daughter is a dramatic one year old princess.  She owns more headbands than I do clothes, and I can’t stop making her more!  (Hence all of the baby headband tutorials.)  I love her infectious smile, her obsession with Minnie Mouse and all things blingy, and how devoted she is to her mama.

My jewelry design business is called Bombshell Bling Jewelry and can be found on Etsy.  I love having the ability to create myself and my loved ones handmade, customized creations, and I am always excited to take custom orders!  If you would like to read more about my jewelry-making journey you can check out this past post.

We are currently living with my father, who is a widower, in my childhood home in Colorado while my husband completes his medical training.  (Gotta pay down that insane student debt!)  Although I prefer the warm weather, I have discovered that there is nothing that inspires my creative mojo like a snowy day when I can bundle up and stay inside all day with my little ones.

Feel free to email me anytime at bombshellbling@gmail.com, and thank you again for your support!


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